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We’re Now Offering Translation Services Specifically for Kichwa Cotopaxi

Spanish is the only language spoken natively in Ecuador—right? No, not by a long shot! While Spanish may be the sole official language of Ecuador at a national level, with most inhabitants of the South American country speaking Spanish as their native language, we mustn’t forget about the incredible linguistic diversity that comprised South America prior to the arrival of European colonizers. Many of the autochthonous languages of the land are still spoken today, endangered as they may be. And that includes Kichwa, Ecuador’s biggest indigenous language.

Most of Ecuador’s population is concentrated in the western region of the country, leaving the eastern regions, featuring the Andean Highlands and Amazon Rainforest, far less densely populated. It’s here that the Kichwa language finds solid footing, but it’s spread out widely across Ecuador’s eastern regions, giving rise to a number of different Kichwa dialects. One of these dialects is Kichwa Cotopaxi, which we’re proud to focus on today. With several thousand speakers, Kichwa Cotopaxi remains an important language today, even in Spanish-dominant Ecuadorian society. But sadly, Kichwa Cotopaxi (and other variants of the language) tend to be overlooked, with few translation services to speak of.

At, we want to change this status quo. That’s why we’re introducing our brand-new Kichwa Cotopaxi translation services—and if you’d like to see a free quote, all you have to do is ask.

Digging into the background of Kichwa Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is one of the 24 provinces that comprise Ecuador, and it’s naturally where Kichwa Cotopaxi is spoken natively. With Latacunga, hosting a population of more than 200,000, as the province’s capital, Cotopaxi is also the proud home of the Cotopaxi Volcano, the second-highest peak in Ecuador. While most of Cotopaxi’s population identifies as mestizo, roughly 22% of the population claims an indigenous identity, and for many, their specific ethnic identity is Kichwa.

Kichwa Cotopaxi is closely related to the several other dialects of the Kichwa language, with a high degree of mutual intelligibility running through the dialect continuum. Kichwa, which comprises North Quechua, is also closely related to its Southern Quechua counterpart, spoken by more than 5 million people in Peru and Bolivia. Kichwa Cotopaxi and other Kichwa languages feature extensive morphological inflection (though not as much as Southern Quechua), with verbs marked for both subject and object and more than a dozen noun cases bringing a great deal of nuance to any Kichwa Cotopaxi utterance.

Translation to and from Kichwa Cotopaxi: our specialty

Given the stark differences in structure and grammar, translating between Kichwa Cotopaxi and English is a real challenge—but our Kichwa Cotopaxi translators take it on with joy. That’s because they love their unique native language, and they’re proud to help people not only from Cotopaxi and other parts of Ecuador but also from all over the world break down the language barrier that separates Kichwa Cotopaxi speakers from the wider world. To this end, we offer translation services both to and from Kichwa Cotopaxi, so we can cater to many different Kichwa translation needs.

We recognize that there’s many reasons why someone may wish to translate into or out of Kichwa Cotopaxi, and since we want to help as many people as possible with their Kichwa Cotopaxi translation needs, that means we need a highly flexible team. We’ve incorporated a great deal of diversity and flexibility into our team, hiring translators who specialize in different types of translation. We have business translation experts, academic translation experts, literary translation experts, and more. To top it off, some of our Kichwa Cotopaxi translators are highly familiar with particular fields and are thus able to navigate texts with highly technical language—so if your Kichwa Cotopaxi translation needs are nestled in a particular niche, we’ll do our best to match you with the right translator.

We’re proud to make Kichwa Cotopaxi translation services more accessible. Ready to get started? Just reach out today with a message!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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