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We’re Now Able to Offer Susu Translation Services

There are more than 7000 distinct languages spoken around the world, but only a handful attract any meaningful attention on the world stage. Indo–European languages dramatically overshadow many of the world’s languages, with seven of the world’s top 10 most spoken languages hailing from the expansive family. Major languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic also make a big splash internationally, but when you dive deeper into the linguistic landscapes of Asia and Africa, you find that most languages—even ones spoken by hundreds of thousands or millions of people—are sorely overlooked. Here at, that doesn’t sit right with us—which is why we’re determined to provide quality translation services for major yet overlooked African languages like Susu.

Susu is spoken by roughly one million people, so while it’s not the biggest language on the continent, it’s certainly a sizable one that commands a good deal of influence in its local region. In fact, it’s important enough in the area that it’s gained status as a national language in Guinea—but nevertheless, most translation agencies gloss right over it. Not us—we’ve proudly compiled a professional Susu translation team to ensure that your Susu translation needs are covered, whatever they may be.

If you’re looking for a free quote for Susu translation services, all you need to do is message us and request one!

A quick exploration of the Susu language

Susu is spoken in the westernmost regions of West Africa, specifically in the countries of Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Sierra Leone. It’s most prominently spoken in Guinea, however, and was once so influential that it was used as a trade language along the coasts of Guinea and Sierra Leone. Susu belongs to the Mande language subfamily, an outlier in the Niger–Congo language family that exhibits considerable deviation from other Niger–Congo languages.

Susu, like other Mande languages, uses a subject-object-verb word order, contrasting with the typical Niger–Congo structure of subject-verb-object. It prefers suffixes to prefixes, constituting another major difference from the Bantu languages of the Niger–Congo family, and it’s entirely done away with the complicated noun class system that characterizes so many Niger–Congo languages, particularly the Bantu ones. Susu makes scarce use of inflection, preferring to rely on word order and particles to tie together the words in sentences. Susu pronouns make no gender distinction in the third person like English does, but the language does feature two first-person plural pronouns—one that includes the listener, and one that excludes them.

Our team is here to translate to and from Susu.

Susu is a unique language spoken on the coast of West Africa, and we’re proud to offer professional services for the language—even if most other translation firms ignore it. We’ve been careful to hire the foremost translation talent in the Susu-speaking world, with our search taking us all over Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Bissau. This, of course, also allows us to accommodate a maximum number of Susu dialects, making our offering all the more robust.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t make sure to hire translators with experience in all sorts of translation projects, as well. We want to make sure we can serve your Susu translation needs, no matter the domain you’re coming to us from, so we’ve hired Susu translators who can deliver business translation services, academic translation services, literary translation services, localization services, and more. Some of our translators are specialized in translating from English to Susu, while others excel at Susu-to-English translation, which means we can seamlessly navigate both translation directions. And if your document contains technical terminology that the average person wouldn’t understand, don’t worry—our Susu translation team is diverse and well-rounded, filled with experts from various fields, so we can easily match your project to the right translator.

Would you like to get started with Susu translation services? The first step is as simple as reaching out to us!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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