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We Now Have a Team to Provide Ifugao Translation Services

Did you know that more than 180 different languages are spoken natively across the Philippines? Indeed, it’s an incredibly linguistically diverse nation, and while most of the languages native to the Philippines are related, that doesn’t mean speakers can understand one another. Native speakers of minority languages in the Philippines tend to learn larger regional languages, such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, or Ilocano, as lingua francas, but in their local community, they often use their mother tongue. For some 130,000 Filipinos, that mother tongue is Ifugao.

You might think that 130,000 native speakers doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s more than enough to form a strong and vigorous community of language speakers. Indeed, the Ifugao people tend to speak one of their four main dialects—Amganad Ifugao, Batad Ifugao, Mayoyao Ifugao, and Tuwali Ifugao—widely in their local communities, but they often learn Tagalog, Ilocano, or English to communicate with their compatriots outside of the region. Whereas most translation companies overlook Ifugao, we at are thrilled to present our new Ifugao translation services.

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Allow us to dive a bit deeper into Ifugao.

The majority of Ifugao speakers live in the aptly named northern province of Ifugao, although a small number of native Ifugao speakers also populate areas of neighboring provinces such as Mountain Province and Isabela. The four dialects of the language boast broad coverage of Ifugao Province, with Mayayao Ifugao and Tuwali Ifugao standing as the largest, accounting for roughly 30,000 speakers each. Ifugao, like most other languages of the Philippines, is from the Austronesian language family and bears a particularly close resemblance to Kankanaey and Bontoc, two more minority languages spoken in Northern Luzon. Ifugao is also related to the much larger Ilocano, from which it has borrowed a number of loanwords.

Ifugao is a verb-initial language, which means the verb comes first in a sentence. Nouns, adjectives, and verbs alike undergo significant inflection to reflect the grammatical relationships between sentence constituents. Ifugao also uses inclusive and exclusive first-person dual and plural pronouns, which means the language has different words for “we” to distinguish whether the listener is included. This can complicate translation to and from English, but not to worry—our native-speaking Ifugao translators know how to handle these tricky situations.

A diverse Ifugao translation team designed to meet your specific needs

What kind of Ifugao translation project do you have for us? Our translators are passionate about helping people from all over Luzon, the rest of the Philippines, and even the rest of the world access high-quality Ifugao translation services for their diverse needs. We provide translation services from English to Ifugao as well as from Ifugao to English, helping local Ifugao speakers broadcast their messages to the world and assisting clients from abroad in connecting with locals in Ifugao. We have translators in all four major Ifugao dialects, which allows us to further tailor your Ifugao translation to your needs.

We’ve made sure to hire specialists in various types of translation to ensure the utmost accuracy and quality in your Ifugao translation. Maybe you’re an academic researcher who needs to interview or survey Ifugao speakers for your study. Perhaps you’re running a business that you’d like to take to the northern Philippines, and you need Ifugao translations of your employment contracts or ad copy to engage with your new employees and customers. Or you could be a writer—whether a local, Ifugao-language writer looking to share your stories with the world or a foreign writer seeking to capture the hearts of a new audience in Ifugao. Whoever you are, and whatever your content, our Ifugao translation team is here to serve you.

Let us elevate your project today with top-notch Ifugao translation services—order now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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