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We Now Have a Team to Provide Chonyi Translation Services

The most spoken languages in Kenya are Swahili and English—but that doesn’t mean those are the native languages of most Kenyans. In fact, most Kenyans only speak these major languages as second languages, instead using one of the country’s 65+ indigenous languages as their first and primary language at home and in their local community. Many of these languages sport vibrant communities and are in vigorous use, such as Chonyi.

Ethnologue estimates that in 2019, there were roughly 310,000 native speakers of Chonyi. While the language enjoys strong usage in its community, it faces threats from the much larger English and Swahili and may be conflated with closely related languages nearby, such as Digo, which impacts the language’s continued vitality. The lack of translation services available for Chonyi further exacerbates its situation, but here at, we’re proud to provide dedicated Chonyi translation services, doing our part to support the Chonyi language and people.

If you’d like to see a free quote for our Chonyi translation services, all you have to do is ask.

Taking a closer look at the Chonyi language

Chonyi is native to southeastern coastal Kenya—specifically, it’s spoken in Kilifi County. It’s part of the Mijikenda cluster of closely related languages, and Chonyi falls under the North Mijikenda varieties, a classification it shares with languages like Giryama and Duruma. South Mijikenda features Digo, one of the bigger languages in the grouping. Within Chonyi itself, you can also find different dialects, most notably the Jibana dialect and the Kauma dialect.

Chonyi and its Mijikenda sister languages belong to the Bantu subfamily, which is ultimately part of the gigantic Niger–Congo language family. This means they’re also closely related to Swahili, which is indigenous to roughly the same area. Chonyi shares many of its key grammatical features with Swahili, including the subject-verb-object word order, the heavy prefixing (as opposed to suffixing), and the expansive noun class system. Indeed, Chonyi’s nouns are divided across more than a dozen classes, with wide-reaching grammatical implications for the construction of a Chonyi sentence. But you don’t have to memorize all the classes—our native-speaking Chonyi translators already have, and they know just how to translate them seamlessly to and from English.

Translating to and from Chonyi for everyone and anyone

No matter who you are, if you need Chonyi translation services, we want to help you. We’ve set up a Chonyi translation team that spans the full geographical range of the Chonyi-speaking world, incorporating the dialectical differences you may find in different regions. We’ve looked for Chonyi translators with experience in different areas of translation to ensure tailored services for our diverse clientele. Our translation services are available both to and from Chonyi, so whichever direction you’re seeking, our passionate translators are eager to serve you.

Are you looking for a specialist in a particular domain of Chonyi translation? Perhaps you’re conducting research in the Chonyi-speaking area of southeastern Kenya and are interested in academic translation services to connect with locals. We can help, regardless of your field! Or maybe you run a business that you’d like to expand—either to Kenya or out of Kenya—and you need meticulous Chonyi translation services rendered by business translation specialists. Whether your project entails internal business documents or promotional materials, we’re ready to help. Or you could be a creative content producer looking to make your works available to new audiences—whether that means translating your Chonyi-language original work into English to penetrate the global market or translating your English-language content into Chonyi to target this native Kenyan population. Whatever specialization you might need, just let us know, since our team is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of needs.

We’re ready to get started on your Chonyi translation project—just send us your files when you’re ready!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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