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We’d Love to Introduce You to Our New Kichwa Cañar Translation Services

South America is known as a mostly Hispanic continent, with nine of South America’s 12 sovereign nations using Spanish as their official and predominant language. Portuguese-speaking Brazil is the obvious exception, with Guyana, Suriname, and the French territory of French Guiana also using English, Dutch, and French, respectively. But did you know that the linguistic diversity even among the continent’s Spanish-speaking nations is significant? There’s a lot more than Spanish spoken in countries like Ecuador, which still house a sizable population that speaks the indigenous Amerindian languages of the land, such as Kichwa.

Kichwa is part of the Quechuan language family, which, if all counted together, comprise nearly 7 million native speakers, making collective Quechua the biggest indigenous language in all of the Americas. Granted, most of these speakers are attributable to Southern Kichwa, spoken primarily in Peru and Bolivia, rather than Kichwa, used further north in Ecuador and the northernmost parts of Peru, but Kichwa is still a major language in the region. The Kichwa people use several different dialects, with Kichwa Cañar constituting one of the biggest at around 200,000 speakers. We here at are thrilled to introduce our new translation services specifically for Kichwa Cañar.

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Read on for a basic overview of Kichwa Cañar.

Kichwa is spoken over vast parts of the Ecuadorian Highlands, with different regions using specific dialects. Kichwa Cañar is no different, with this major Kichwa dialect native to the province of Cañar, found near the center of the small South American nation. Cañar derives its name from the indigenous Cañari people, who lived in the area prior to the Incan conquest that brought Kichwa to the region. The Cañari language was replaced by Kichwa, but some of the particularities of the Kichwa Cañar dialect are likely attributable to this poorly attested indigenous tongue.

The various dialects of Kichwa share many grammatical similarities with one another as well as their Quechuan cousins to the south. Specifically, all Quechuan languages use a great deal of inflection to add shades of meaning to sentences, with a number of noun cases often replacing prepositions. Evidentiality plays a major role in Kichwa Cañar and other dialects of the language, allowing speakers to indicate the source of their information through a single suffix. Kichwa pronouns also distinguish between “we” including the listener and “we” excluding the listener.

A passionate team of Kichwa Cañar translators waiting for your project

Since we’ve hired translators from all across Ecuador—obviously, with a focus on the province of Cañar—we can easily translate different types of Kichwa Cañar. What our translators have in common, other than phenomenal translation skills, is their love for their unique language, leaning into their specific Kichwa dialect and proudly assisting people from all across Ecuador and other countries communicate seamlessly. Our translation services are available both to and from Kichwa Cañar, so we’re certain we can accommodate your specific translation needs.

Even if you’re looking for a particular translation niche, we can likely help you. That’s because our translators come from diverse backgrounds and have worked on many different types of translation projects—everything from business and marketing translation, to academic and technical translation, to literary translation and localization. We can translate your marketing collateral to help you make a strong impression on the people of Cañar, we can translate your traditional Kichwa stories to share with people outside of Ecuador, and we can translate your creative works from English to Kichwa Cañar to bring you a new audience—and bring the Kichwa Cañar people interesting new content. Essentially, we can translate whatever you want.

Let us be your guide in the complex world of Kichwa Cañar translation! If you’re ready to get started, just send us a message with the details of your translation needs.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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