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We’d Like to Introduce Our New Embu Translation Services

Since African languages aren’t well known on the global stage, it’s easy to think there just aren’t that many spoken across the vast continent. Most African countries have selected imported languages, such as English, French, Arabic, or Portuguese, as their official languages and use them as lingua francas in administration, education, and media. Most people have heard of major African languages like Swahili and Somali, and some may also know bigger tongues like Amharic, Zulu, Xhosa, Yoruba, Fula, and Wolof. But you might be surprised to learn that, in fact, more than 2000 languages are spoken natively across Africa—and we’re proud to translate many of them.

One of the thousands of indigenous languages still spoken in Africa is Embu (or Kiembu), which boasts 320,000 native speakers in the East Africa nation of Kenya. Kenya is a remarkably diverse country, with around 70 languages used within the country. English and Swahili are used as national lingua francas to allow the disparate ethnolinguistic groups to communicate with one another, but these local languages, including Embu, are still spoken vigorously at the community level. It’s a shame that this keeps many translation agencies from accommodating these minority languages—but we at are proud to unveil our Embu translation services.

Our Embu translation services may be more affordable than you realize. Find out today by requesting a free quote!

Taking a closer look at the Embu language

The Embu language is the native tongue of the Embu (or Aembu) people, an ethnic group native to the land near Mount Kenya, from which the country derives its name. Embu is split into two prominent dialects—Mbeere and Embu proper—though the Embu speakers closest to Mount Kenya can also be distinguished by their mildly divergent dialect known as Kiruguru. Embu is closely related to other languages spoken in central Kenya, such as Kikuyu, the biggest native language in Kenya, as well as Meru.

Like many other languages indigenous to Kenya, Embu is a member of the vast Bantu language subfamily, itself a branch of the Niger–Congo language family. As a Bantu language, Embu is characterized by its complicated grammatical structure, including a pervasive noun class system that functions similarly to a significantly more complicated grammatical gender system. Embu features more than a dozen distinct noun classes, each with its own concord, which is a particle or prefix that’s attached to words that modify the noun, such as verbs, adjectives, and demonstratives. Though this is par for the course for a Bantu language, it’s a nightmare for learners.

We’re ready to translate between Embu and English for you.

What kind of Embu translation services are you looking for? Perhaps you need translation from English to Embu to connect with locals in central Kenya, whether you’re representing an international organization or spearheading a research team around Mount Kenya. Or maybe you want translation services from Embu to English so you can broadcast your message to the wider world, whether that’s to boost your business ventures or promote your lovingly crafted art. Fortunately, we’ve built a diverse, well-rounded Embu translation team that can handle both directions of Embu translation.

Our Embu translators are native Embu speakers, and they’re proud of their language. They draw on this passion to deliver high-quality translations no matter the content or translation domain, making us your ideal Embu translation team whether you’re a businessperson, researcher, writer, language activist, or anyone else. We’ve even taken special care to hire Embu translators who are familiar with a variety of fields, which means we can effortlessly glide through even documents filled with technical jargon that would trip up the average translator. All you have to do is let us know your preferences, and we’ll set you up with the right Embu translator.

Ready to see the difference an Embu translation can make? Then send us a message with the details of your project today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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