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We’d Like to Introduce Our Balkan Gagauz Turkish Translation Services

The Turkic language family is vast. While the name might make it sound like it’s limited to the confines of the Anatolian Peninsula, the truth is that Turkic languages are spoken from southeastern Europe all the way to Russia’s Far East. Turkish is certainly the biggest language in the family, but with more than 35 languages accounting for more than 200 million people, Turkic is one of the world’s biggest language families. With so many languages in the family, classification can get messy. Such is the case with Balkan Gagauz Turkish.

Though its name makes it sound like a Turkish dialect, Balkan Gagauz Turkish is usually classified as a distinct language, especially given the strong influences that other languages in the Balkans have had on the language. And with more than 460,000 native speakers as of 2019, the language is sizable—even if it’s practically unheard of at the international level. Nonetheless, you’d think that with nearly half a million speakers, Balkan Gagauz Turkish would have more resources available, including translation services—and it simply doesn’t. At, we’re dedicated to serving as many languages as possible, including minority languages—so we’re proud to present our Balkan Gagauz Turkish translation team.

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So, what is Balkan Gagauz Turkish, anyway?

The “Balkan” and “Turkish” parts of Balkan Gagauz Turkish are easy to figure out—the speakers are ethnic Turks living in the Balkans, and the language is so similar to Turkish that they share a high degree of mutual intelligibility. What might stump you is the “Gagauz” part. Gagauz is yet another Turkic language spoken in Europe, specifically Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia, and it’s also had a significant impact on Balkan Gagauz Turkish.

Communities of Balkan Gagauz Turkish speakers are found in various countries in southeastern Europe, namely Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, and European Turkey. Spread across so many national borders, the language has developed several distinct dialects, the main ones being Gajal, Gerlovo Turk, Karamanli, Kyzylbash, Surguch, Tozluk Turk, Yuruk, Prizren Turk, and Macedonian Gagauz. Like Turkish, Balkan Gagauz Turkish is an agglutinative language, meaning it expresses grammatical information by piecing together affixes to root words. It also uses a default word order of subject-object-verb, as do all Turkic languages. Balkan Gagauz Turkish has no grammatical gender, but English speakers may nonetheless balk at the language’s several noun cases.

Bringing you the best in Balkan Gagauz Turkish translation services

If you need Balkan Gagauz Turkish translation services specifically, hiring a Turkish translator simply won’t do. But don’t worry, we have you covered—we’ve looked all over southeastern Europe to locate the topmost translators of Balkan Gagauz Turkish, taking care to ensure we hire translators representing a variety of dialects. The result is a passionate and reliable team of native-speaking Balkan Gagauz Turkish translators from all over the Balkans, ready to help you translate your content either to or from Balkan Gagauz Turkish.

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for Balkan Gagauz Turkish translation services, either, because our translators are skilled in various translation disciplines. That’s right—with our translation services, you can confidently market your business activities to Balkan Gagauz Turkish speakers, create pedagogical materials in the language to promote a native-language education for Balkan Gagauz Turkish children, or share your creative works, such as books or apps, with this Turkish population in the Balkans. Similarly, our translation team can help native speakers of Balkan Gagauz Turkish spread their businesses, messages, breakthroughs, stories, poems, and more with an international audience. We can even translate content with technical jargon, since we hire translators with knowledge in a variety of fields!

You can get started with Balkan Gagauz Turkish translation today by simply messaging us and telling us what you’re looking for. Get in touch now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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