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We Can Now Offer Translation Services for Nigerian Pidgin

Nigeria is one of the world’s most linguistically diverse countries. In fact, clocking in at roughly 525 languages, Nigeria is the third-most linguistically diverse country on the planet, with only Papua New Guinea and Indonesia boasting more languages. Of course, when there are more than 525 languages spoken in a single country, a lingua franca is required to facilitate communication between the diverse ethnic groups. In Nigeria, Nigerian Pidgin—an English-based creole that is by all counts an independent language—takes that role.

Nigerian Pidgin, which is often simply called Pidgin or Broken (from “Broken English”) and frequently dubbed Naijá in scholarship, is spoken by tens of millions of people across Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria. As many as 40 million people may speak Nigerian Pidgin as their first language (mostly in the Niger Delta region), with an additional 60 million or so speaking it as a second language. Even though Nigerian Pidgin is used as a widespread means of interethnic communication across the incredibly diverse country of Nigeria, it’s rare to encounter translation services for the language—which is where we at come in. With our Nigerian Pidgin translation team, we’re pleased to announce that we can translate to and from Nigerian Pidgin.

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Diving into Nigeria’s lingua franca, Nigerian Pidgin

As a creole language, Nigerian Pidgin is spoken all across Nigeria by numerous different ethnolinguistic groups. Since all of Central and West Africa shares the linguistic diversity of Nigeria, variants of Nigerian Pidgin have even spread outside the country’s borders and permeated parts of Cameroon, Ghana, and Benin. The language is gaining prominence as a standardized language, with its own standardized orthography, a Nigerian Pidgin search interface on Google, and a BBC news portal presented in Nigerian Pidgin.

Because many different ethnolinguistic groups speak Nigerian Pidgin, it’s not much of a surprise that different variants of the creole language have arisen. Speakers of Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, for example, may insert certain words from their respective native languages into their Nigerian Pidgin, giving rise to distinct dialects. Another characteristic feature of Nigerian Pidgin is its overwhelming number of homophones, a result of the reduced number of consonants and vowels compared to standard variants of English. Since Nigerian Pidgin spelling closely reflects the pronunciation, the ambiguity is carried over to writing as well.

Let us translate to and from Nigerian Pidgin for whatever documents you want.

We have a professional team of passionate Nigerian Pidgin translators who are as excited to help share content from their native Nigeria with the rest of the world as they are to bring valuable new content to from abroad to their compatriots. As Nigerian Pidgin blossoms into a more widely written language, our team is here to ease communication with the wider world. We can translate any documents you may have in Nigerian Pidgin—such as poetry or personal musings—and we can translate anything you like into Nigerian Pidgin, such as promotional content to target the local population with your business offerings or entertainment content that allows Nigerians to enjoy stories and literature in their own version of English.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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