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Want Tunisian Arabic Translation Services? We Now Offer Them

If you count it all as one language, Arabic has about 380 million native speakers, making it one of the biggest languages in the world. But in some sense, Arabic isn’t a language—it’s a group of languages. While speakers of any Arabic variety can typically communicate in writing, since they use the artificial written standard of Modern Standard Arabic, many varieties are mutually unintelligible in speech. One of the dozens of Arabic dialects is Tunisian Arabic, and that’s the one we’re diving into today.

Around 12 million people are native speakers of Tunisian Arabic, which encompasses the entire population of Tunisia. It’s the native language of the vast majority of Tunisians, even the indigenous populations that additionally speak Berber languages. Most Tunisians, particularly the educated class, also speak French, but Tunisian Arabic remains the North African country’s most prominent vernacular. Most translation services just work with Modern Standard Arabic, not regional varieties like Tunisian Arabic, but we at are pleased to cater to Tunisians with our new Tunisian Arabic translation services.

We’ll show you our Tunisian Arabic translation rates for free—just message us and request a quote!

What makes Tunisian Arabic unique?

Tunisian Arabic is classified as a Maghrebi Arabic dialect, alongside Algerian Arabic, Libyan Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, and Hassaniya Arabic. The variety is also partly mutually intelligible with Maltese, an Arabic-derived language heavily influenced by Italian. Tunisian Arabic has incorporated significant numerous loanwords from French, as have other Maghrebi Arabic varieties. An estimated 8% to 9% of Tunisian Arabic vocabulary also originates from the country’s indigenous Berber languages. Additional loanwords from Italian, Turkish, and Spanish also contribute to Tunisian Arabic’s differentiation from other Arabic variants.

It's not just its vocabulary that distinguishes Tunisian Arabic from other varieties—the dialect also features its own, unique grammar. For example, urban dialects of Tunisian Arabic don’t distinguish gender in the second-person pronouns, which is common in most forms of Arabic. Tunisian Arabic’s unique progressive and future tenses also set it apart from most other types of Arabic. Beyond that, the language is rich in metaphors, which can further impede understanding for those less familiar with the vernacular. For example, sometimes the past tense doesn’t so much signal an event that happened in the past but rather indicate that a situation is uncontrollable. Body parts are also frequently referenced to express figurative meanings. For a high-quality Tunisian Arabic translation, you need translators who understand all the nuances of this rich dialect—and that’s exactly who you’ll find on our Tunisian Arabic translation team.

A passionate team ready to serve all your Tunisian Arabic translation needs

If you’re looking for translation services for Tunisian Arabic, you’ve come to the right team. Since our translators hail from all over Tunisia, we can cater to clients looking for services for just about any Tunisian Arabic subdialect, including Tunis, Sfax, Sahel, Northwestern Tunisian, Southwestern Tunisian, and Southeastern Tunisian. Our translators are skilled at transforming texts from English to Tunisian Arabic as well as from Tunisian Arabic to English, so whatever you’re seeking, just let us know.

What about specialty translation services for more niche purposes, for clients in academia, business, entertainment, or other sectors? We have you covered! Our team is filled with translators experienced in academic translation, business translation, literary translation, localization, and more, so you need only let us know what your discipline or industry is, and we’ll set you up with the best Tunisian Arabic translator on our team for your project. We’re dedicated to accommodating our clients’ diverse needs, so if you have any other special requests, don’t hesitate to ask.

Why not reach out today and get started with Tunisian Arabic translation services? We’re here to help—just place an order now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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