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Trying Out Our New Semnani Translation Services

You might have known that the national language of Iran is Persian—after all, Iran is alternatively known as Persia. But what you might not have known is that it’s related to English—not Arabic—and that it’s only the native language of roughly half of the Iranian population. Of course, most people in Iran do speak Persian, even if it’s not their mother tongue, but much of the population speaks one of Iran’s many minority languages as their first—languages like Gilaki, Luri, Mazanderani, and Semnani.

As of 2021, Semnani is spoken by around 70,000 people as a native language. Most Semnani speakers have learned Persian as well, which they use in various aspects of public life. Semnani is confined to the small region where it’s spoken natively, and the language stands under threat from Persian, whose encroachment is hard to ignore. Semnani is also often erroneously considered a dialect of Persian, which further hinders its ability to stand up to the threat of Persian. At, we’d like to help—we’re proud to introduce our new Semnani translation services today.

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Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Semnani language.

Semnani is native to the aptly named Semnan Province in northern Iran, even though Semnani speakers account for only around 10% of the province’s population. Even though some people categorize it as a Persian dialect, it’s not even on the right branch of the language family—while both occupy the Iranian branch of the Indo–European family, Persian is a Southwestern Iranian language, while Semnani is part of the Northwestern Iranian branch. This means that while they share many similarities, they’re also markedly different.

Like many other languages in the Indo–European family (although not Persian), Semnani features grammatical gender, which can make the language daunting for learners to approach. Verbs must agree with the grammatical gender of the noun. Indeed, verbs in Semnani inflect for a number of reasons, including tense and mood. Different dialects of the language, such as Biyabanaki, also complicate matters, with the differences sometimes significant. Though English and Semnani are related, the relationship is far too distant to be of benefit during translation, which is why it’s so crucial to work with native-speaking Semnani translators like the ones on our team.

We’re eager to provide top-notch Semnani translation services for all kinds of clients.

Our goal is to offer high-quality Semnani translation services that adapt to the needs of each client who comes to us. To achieve this, we’ve built a diverse team of Semnani translators who hail from all over the province of Semnan and other parts of Iran. They’ve gathered experience translating to and from their Semnani, so whether you’re looking for English-to-Semnani translation or Semnani-to-English translation, you can rest assured that our team can accommodate your needs, no matter the type of project.

We understand that our clients come from many different backgrounds and may require specialized Semnani translation services from various domains—so we’ve hired translators who can provide academic translation, business translation, literary translation, localization, and more. Our academic translators work with everything from research papers to interview transcripts, across a large range of disciplines. Our business translators can help businesses both in and outside of Iran connect with new customers through carefully translated press releases, ad copy, and more. Our literary translators are experts at translating novels, stories, poems, and more to and from Semnani, while our localization experts are adept at translating apps, games, websites, and other digital media. Translating to and from Semnani is our passion—we’re here for all sorts of projects.

Why not get started with Semnani translation today? Simply reach out with a message if you’re ready.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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