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The Newest Members of Our Translation Services Team: Professional Masaba Translators

There’s no one language spoken in Uganda. This impressively multilingual country is spattered with linguistic diversity from one region to the next, with more than 70 languages spoken natively in the East African nation. English and Swahili constitute the lingua francas of the country, learned as second languages to communicate with other ethnic groups. Regarding the indigenous languages, the largest is Ganda (Luganda), which forms the basis for the name of the country. But many other indigenous languages in the country are spoken by populations north of a million, including Masaba.

Masaba is known as Lumasaaba to native speakers and alternatively called Gisu (Lugisu), harkening to a prominent Masaba dialect. Approximately 2.7 million people speak the language as a native tongue, concentrated in eastern Uganda, specifically in Bugisu. Bakusu, spoken by the Luhya people in Kenya, is also considered a dialect of Masaba, extending the speaker community into neighboring Kenya. Unfortunately, however, in Africa, even languages with multiple millions of speakers often have poor support and scarce translation services, and that’s the case with Masaba. At, we want to make translation accessible to everyone, which is why we created our own Masaba translation team.

Our Masaba translation services are flexible, reliable, and affordable. See a free quote by requesting one today!

So, what is Masaba, anyway?

Masaba is one of the dozens of languages native to Uganda’s southern region, spoken specifically in the southeast of the country. Not only is Masaba surrounded by diverse foreign languages, including the Kalenjin languages, which are from an entirely different language family, but it’s also diverse within itself, branching out into several dialectical forms. Masaba dialects include Gisu, Kisu, Bukusu, Syan, Tachoni, Dadiri, and Buya, most of which are spoken in Uganda, with the exception of Bukusu in Kenya. Bukusu and Tachoni are also not spoken by the Masaba ethnic group but rather the Luhya people.

If you thought grammatical gender in French or German was hard, Masaba is on an entirely different level. As a Bantu language, Masaba features a whopping 18 noun classes, which operate similarly to grammatical gender, and the system permeates all aspects of the Masaba language, with verbs and adjectives requiring prefixes to show their agreement with the respective noun’s class. Another hallmark of Bantu languages is found in Masaba in its complicated verb morphology, as verbs are marked for tense, aspect, subject, object, and more, leading to excessively long words in some cases.

We make Masaba translation services easy and affordable.

If you need Masaba translation services, you may have been searching for a while—it’s not like many translation companies offer Masaba. We’re proud to say that you’ve found your go-to Masaba translation team with us, populated by experienced and passionate native-speaking translators who represent all dialects of this important East African language. We searched for the best Masaba translators so you don’t have to, looking all across Uganda and Kenya for the top talent—and we found it. Now, we can confidently translate any document you might have to or from Masaba—the direction is your choice.

In our quest to bring you the best Masaba translators, we’ve also made sure to include specialists of various translation domains. This way, you can always be confident you’re getting the best Masaba translation services, no matter what kind of content you need translated. For businesspeople, we translate everything from employment contracts and financial reports to press releases and corporate blog posts. For academics and educators, our Masaba translators are delighted to translate research papers and theses as well as surveys and pedagogical material for children. If you’re worried about technical jargon tripping up our translators, don’t be—we’ll match you to a translator with familiarity in your discipline. For content creators, our team translates all sorts of interesting content, from novels and poetry to games and apps. If you need Masaba translation services, we’re here.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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