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Proudly Launching Our Toba Qom Translation Services

It’s no secret that Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country. Almost all of the South American country’s 46 million people speak Spanish, most as their native language—but not all. Long before Europeans ever stepped foot on the territory of modern-day Argentina, the indigenous peoples of the land spoke their own languages that developed over thousands of years. Today, these languages are overshadowed by Spanish, but they remain, sometimes spoken by tens of thousands of people, as is the case with Toba Qom.

With more than 31,000 native speakers, Toba Qom is one of the bigger indigenous languages spoken in Argentina today (Quechua, Wichí, and Aymara also account for sizable communities). In fact, Toba Qom is big enough that it’s recognized as an official language of Argentina’s Chaco province, alongside Spanish and fellow indigenous languages Wichí and Moqoit, to the latter of which Toba Qom is related. But despite the official recognition, Toba Qom still struggles against Spanish, the culturally dominant language, and that’s why we at are so proud to present our Toba Qom translation services.

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A quick exploration of the Toba Qom language

Let’s first look at where Toba Qom, also called Toba, Qom, Chaco Sur, or Toba Sur, is spoken. Toba Qom speakers are mostly found in the northeastern Argentinian provinces of Chaco and Formosa, with a few thousand speakers also living in neighboring Paraguay and Bolivia. Toba Qom is a member of the Guaicuruan language family, with a collective 8,600 or so people speaking the other languages in the family: Moqoit (or Mocoví), Pilagá, and Kadiwéu. This makes Toba Qom by far the largest member of the family.

Toba Qom speakers primarily use two different word orders to construct their sentences: subject-verb-object, like in English, and verb-object-subject, common in many Mayan languages. The language doesn’t use noun cases to denote grammatical connections, but it does make heavy use of verbal affixes to indicate everything from tense and aspect to desire, as well as marking the subject. A particularly unique aspect of Toba Qom is the semantic differences in the way it describes physical body parts and emotional states and attributes, creating nuances that can be difficult to translate. That’s why you should work with our team—we only hire native-speaking Toba Qom translators.

A wide array of Toba Qom translation services

Our translation team is available for whatever your Toba Qom translation needs may be. Yes, of course, we’re limited by the relatively low number of speakers, but we’ve recruited the best translation talent we could find across northeastern Argentina, taking speakers from both Chaco and Formosa. This way, we can accommodate different varieties of Toba Qom to maximally adapt to your needs. And our translation services are available both to and from the language, meaning we can help you connect with Toba Qom speakers or spread messages from the Toba Qom community to the world.

We cherish diversity on our Toba Qom translation team, not only in geography and dialect but also in specialization. For all you students, professors, researchers, and educators out there, our academic translators are equipped to help you translate everything from interview transcripts and journal articles to educational materials for children. For any CEOs, entrepreneurs, or marketers among our clientele, we have business translators who can help you translate business plans, financial reports, press releases, and advertisement copy for Toba Qom speakers. And for novelists, poets, bloggers, software developers, and other creatives interested in Toba Qom translation services, we can help—whether it’s translating traditional tales from Toba Qom or modern media like books, apps, or games into the language.

We’re your number one solution for your Toba Qom translation needs. So, why not place your first order today?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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