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Proud to Now Offer Papantla Totonac Translation Services

Did you know that Mexico is home to more than 285 indigenous languages? Even though more than 99% of the country’s population speaks Spanish, Mexico nonetheless ranks sixth for the most languages in a country. Mexico’s numerous indigenous languages hail from various language families, including Uto–Aztecan (e.g., Nahuatl), Mayan (e.g., Yucatec Maya), Oto–Manguean (e.g., Zapotec), and Mixe–Zoque (e.g., Mixe). One more small language family in Mexico is Totonacan, where we find Papantla Totonac.

An estimated 80,000 people in Mexico speak Papantla Totonac as their first language, with about 25% of people living in the city of Papantla speaking the language. The Papantla Totonac community is relatively strong, which helps the language maintain its vitality in the face of Spanish’s prestige and pressure, but of course, like other indigenous languages in Mexico, Papantla Totonac remains vulnerable. At, we’re proud to work with minority languages like Papantla Totonac, with our very own Papantla Totonac translation team.

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A deep dive into Papantla Totonac

Papantla Totonac derives its name from the city of Papantla, located in the north of the coastal Mexican state of Veracruz. Though the town’s name comes from Nahuatl, Papantla Totonac is completely unrelated to Nahuatl—and most other indigenous languages in Mexico, in fact. As the name indicates, it’s a variety of the Totonac group of languages, from which Ethnologue distinguishes nine variants, in addition to three variants of Tepehua. Papantla Totonac is the second-biggest Totonac language, with Highland Totonac ranking first.

Papantla Totonac grammar is complex (although that’s par for the course for Mesoamerican languages). The verb is typically the first element in a Papantla Totonac sentence, although the high degree of inflection on verbs, which are marked for both the subject and object, allows for flexible word order. Verbs additionally feature inflection for grammatical voice and body part prefixes that indicate which body part is affecting or being affected by the action. Numerals used with nouns bear an obligatory classifier that differs depending on the noun. A notable key feature of Papantla Totonac (and other Totonac languages) is its sound symbolism, where certain consonants in a word can be substituted for others to increase the forcefulness or intensity of an action. The most common pattern, from least to most intense, is /s/ ~ /š/ ~ /ɬ/, but multiple such patterns exist. If your head is spinning, don’t worry—our team is full of native Papantla Totonac speakers who can easily navigate the challenges of translating to and from the language.

We’re ready to help you with Papantla Totonac translation—no matter your translation project.

We’ve carefully built our Papantla Totonac translation team to be as flexible and versatile as possible, helping ensure that we can accommodate a maximum number of clients. Our translators are proud native speakers, hailing from different areas of Papantla and elsewhere in Veracruz, and they draw on their experience translating various types of projects to bring you the best Papantla Totonac translations they can, offering translation services both to and from the language.

Since our team is diverse, featuring translators with varied skill sets and translation experience, we’re proud to offer various translation specialties for our Papantla Totonac translation clients. Some of our translators are specialized in academia, able to translate journal articles, research surveys, and more in any number of fields. We also hire business translators who can help organizations with both internal documents and marketing collateral to or from Papantla Totonac, as well as literary translators who work with creative texts in the form of novels, poems, apps, games, and more, translating them faithfully to and from Papantla Totonac. Whatever you want, we’re here to provide.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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