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Piedmontese Translation Services Are Ready Now

In the Piedmont region in northwest Italy, alongside Italian, you’re quite likely to hear the local Piedmontese language. The people of the Piedmont region have a strong regional identity that is tied to their language.

Today, can offer Piedmontese translation services for those who need accurate communication in the region. If you have questions or would like a quote, please contact us today.

A Long History in the Southern Alps

While linguists readily recognize Piedmontese as a language distinct from Italian, many Italians still consider it only an Italian dialect. Although the Piedmont regional government recognizes the language, the Italian national government does not. Documentation written in Piedmontese dates back to the 12th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the language underwent a literary explosion with a rich trove of artistic works composed in Piedmontese.

Today, it’s hard to know how many people speak Piedmontese, and estimates range between half a million to 3.5 million. However, people of the region have never stopped producing works in Piedmontese, including poetry, theater, novels, and scientific works. This makes Piedmontese one of the more robust regional languages on the Italian peninsula.

Getting Better Translation Services for Piedmontese

Although Piedmeontese has a sizable population of speakers, you may still find it difficult to find decent services for Piedmontese translation. However, at TranslationServices, we work regularly with little-known languages and have the experience to make sure that all communication is as accurate as possible.

You can trust our agency’s experience with your translation, so please get in touch today and get a quote from us.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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