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Our Translation Services Now Extend to the Sabaot Language

High up in the mountains of western Kenya and eastern Uganda, you’ll find a vibrant people called the Sabaot, who practice their own culture and speak their own language entirely unrelated to English or Swahili, which both East African countries use as national-level lingua francas. In fact, most people in Kenya and Uganda don’t speak English or Swahili as their native language, instead learning a local indigenous tongue as their first language. Learning a lingua franca is necessary to connect with people elsewhere in the country, but at home, languages like Sabaot are still spoken vigorously.

Split between Kenya and Uganda, roughly 240,000 people speak Sabaot as their native language. Though their traditional cultural identity remains relatively strong even today, the pressures of the modern world and influences from larger ethnolinguistic groups in the region are leading to the slow erosion of the Sabaot culture and language. Ensuring the continued vitality of the Sabaot language is an important way to keep the cultural identity alive, and we at are proud to introduce our Sabaot translation team to do our part to help.

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Sabaot: the “keepers of the authentic Kalenjin tradition”

The Sabaot people inhabit the land around Mount Elgon, living anywhere from 5,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level. Since the Kenyan–Ugandan border cleanly splits the mountain in two, the Sabaot are divided between Kenya and Uganda. With Mount Elgon constituting the original homeland of the Kalenjin peoples, a cluster of entholinguistic tribes within the larger Nilo–Saharan language family, the Sabaot are seen as the “keepers of the authentic Kalenjin tradition,” making the preservation of this unique indigenous language all the more vital.

Sabaot is divided into six dialects: Pok, Semok, Mosop, Kony, Bong’om, and Sabiny (Sebei). The national border hampers interaction between certain groups of Sabaot speakers, which increases the dialectical differences. Sabaot, like other Kalenjin languages, is a tonal language that constructs sentences in a verb-subject-object word order. It marks the nominative (subject) case but not other cases, which is unusual among the world’s languages. Sabaot may use tone or other phonological alterations to express different grammatical meanings, which can make the language difficult for learners to acquire. But since we only hire native speakers for our Sabaot translation team, you don’t have to worry about the grammatical complexities.

Let us translate to or from Sabaot for you—for any project

There are many reasons why one might require Sabaot translation services—and our mission is to provide a diverse, well-rounded translation team that can accommodate as many of these reasons as possible. We’ve recruited native-speaking Sabaot translators from across both the Kenyan and Ugandan portions of Mount Elgon, ensuring coverage of the various Sabaot dialects. Our translators are well versed in translation both to and from Sabaot, helping Sabaot speakers branch out while simultaneously assisting foreign nationals in connecting with local Sabaot speakers.

From academic translation and business translation to literary translation and localization, there exist countless specialties within the translation industry, and we’ve done our best to hire Sabaot translators with experience in various domains. This way, you can rest assured that your Sabaot translation is in good hands, whether you’re a researcher, business owner, or author. Our passionate Sabaot translators can assist you with gathering research data from native Sabaot speakers or help your organization cater to the needs and interests of locals around Mount Elgon. We can also help language activists in their Sabaot preservation efforts by translating media and educational materials into Sabaot. Whatever you need, in any Sabaot dialect and concerning any subject matter, just turn to us.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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