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Our Translation Services Now Cover the Keiyo Language

Like many other countries in Africa, Kenya is composed of a diverse mosaic of different ethnolinguistic groups, each practicing their own customs and speaking their own language. Indeed, across Kenya you’ll find more than 65 indigenous languages, many of which are still spoken vigorously in their local communities today despite the incursion of much bigger languages, like English and Swahili. While these two major languages serve as the national lingua francas of Kenya, people at the community level tend to speak the local language—and in one part of western Kenya, that’s Keiyo.

Keiyo accounts for the native language of roughly 250,000 people in Kenya, which makes for a relatively vigorous speaker community, even if the number pales in comparison to English or Swahili. However, with so many other, bigger languages spoken around it, Keiyo struggles for recognition and resources. Most translation services gloss over the language, focusing instead on the bigger languages of Kenya. But at, we understand the value of Keiyo and other languages like it—which is why we’re so proud to present our own Keiyo translation team.

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Let us tell you a bit more about Keiyo.

Keiyo is classified as a Kalenjin language, a cluster within the Nilo–Saharan language family of northeastern Africa. Like other Kalenjin languages, Keiyo is spoken in western Kenya, specifically in the southern portion of the district of Elgeyo-Marakwet. Though Kalenjin languages number in the double digits, Keiyo is particularly closely related to Kipsigis, Nandi, and Markwet, which are among the bigger languages in the grouping.

Keiyo—and its Kalenjin cousins—demonstrate a number of unique linguistic features that can complete the translation process. To begin with, Keiyo uses a default word order of verb-subject-object, exhibited by only 9% of languages worldwide. But even within VSO languages, Keiyo is unique—while many verb-initial languages use a dative construction to express possession, such as by saying that something is “at” or “on” the possessor, Keiyo uses a transitive verb like “have.” And while the verb structurally always comes first, topicalization—essentially, the promotion of an element to the beginning of the sentence for emphasis—can override this strict word order, giving the illusion of a subject-verb-object or object-verb-subject word order. A skilled Keiyo translator must understand how to convey these subtle nuances, which is why we only hire native speakers for our Keiyo translation team.

Bringing you high-quality and flexible Keiyo translation services

Our clients come from all around the world and represent all sorts of disciplines and industries, so it’s important to us to provide flexible translation services that can accommodate their varied needs. We’ve built our Keiyo translation team to cover various dialects within the language and have made sure to hire translators familiar with both translation into and from Keiyo. So, whether you’re a native Keiyo speaker with a message to spread around the world or a foreign national looking to connect with Keiyo speakers in western Kenya, you can count on our passionate Keiyo translators to help.

We work with clients in academia, business, entertainment, and other domains communicate smoothly across the Keiyo–English language barrier. To the best of our ability, we’ve gathered a multifaceted collection of Keiyo translators skilled in academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and other specialties, so whether you’re a researcher, scholar, professor, educator, business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, author, poet, blogger, filmmaker, software developer, or anyone else looking for top-notch Keiyo translation, we’re proud to offer our services. Many of our translators even possess expert knowledge in supplementary fields, making it easy to navigate technical terminology that may crop up in your document.

Our team is ready to get started on your Keiyo translation project! Reach out now to place your first order.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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