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Our Team Is Ready to Offer Dargwa Translation Services

You might think that Russian is the primary language all over Russia, and in a sense, you’d be right: it’s the only official language at the federal level, and most people in Russia speak it. But it’s certainly not indigenous all over the expansive country. Many minority ethnic groups across the country still speak their own languages, often completely unrelated to Russian, and nowhere in Russia is linguistic diversity as high as in the Northern Caucasus region. Going further, the most linguistically diverse part of this region is Dagestan, where you can find the Dargwa language.

Dargwa has around 500,000 speakers, comprising the majority of the roughly 600,000 ethnic Dargin people in Russia. Despite the heavy influence of Russian, with most Dargin people speaking Russian because it’s necessary for communication with non-Dargwa speakers, Dargwa is used in schools in Dargwa-speaking areas and is classified as one of the 12 official languages of Dagestan. Children still generally learn the language, particularly in rural settings. But nonetheless, Dargwa is considered a vulnerable language, and few translation companies work with the language. But does—we’re proud to have a Dargwa translation team.

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Discovering Dargwa, Dagestan’s third-biggest language

Naturally, the most widely spoken language in the Russian Republic of Dagestan is Russian, since it allows the various ethnic groups to communicate with each other. Of the indigenous languages, Dargwa is the second-biggest, with Avar being the biggest. Like most of the languages indigenous to Dagestan, Dargwa comes from the Northeast Caucasian language family, specifically occupying the Dargin branch, and like most languages indigenous to Russia, it’s written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Dargwa speakers can also be found in Kalmykia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and Chechnya.

Dargwa uses ergative–absolutive alignment in its structure, which is a common feature of Northeast Caucasian languages. This means that transitive subjects and intransitive subjects are treated the same grammatically, with the unmarked absolutive case, while transitive subjects are marked differently with the ergative case. Dargwa has 23 cases in total: four grammatical cases and 19 semantic cases. Dargwa’s verbal morphology is also complex, with a dizzying system of conjugation for tenses and aspects, including evidential tenses that imply inference on the part of the speaker.

Dargwa is full of nuances not found in English, so translating between the two languages can be difficult—but for our Dargwa translators, it’s easy, because they’re native Dargwa speakers.

Dargwa translations for all clients

If you need Dargwa translation services, our team is here to help you. We specifically built our team to accommodate as many needs as possible, including translation into Dargwa and out of Dargwa. We can help you spread Dargwa culture by translating Dargwa literature or historical documents in the language—or simply notes that you want to share abroad. We can also help encourage the use of Dargwa in Dagestan by translating business content, educational material, books, games, websites, apps, and more into the language—this way, Dargwa speakers can use their language in more domains and enjoy entertainment in the language, and learners can pick up the language more easily.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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