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People may not realize it, but Indonesia is a remarkably diverse country. With over 1300 ethnic groups and more than 700 indigenous languages, Indonesia is second only to Papua New Guinea in terms of linguistic diversity. Many of Indonesia’s languages have few speakers, which is only natural when there are so many languages. But others are still spoken by sizable populations. Of course, everyone is united by Indonesian, which most Indonesians learn, but at home, most people use their own language, such as Rejang.

Rejang is used by around 350,000 to 500,000 people in southwestern Sumatra, Indonesia’s westernmost major main island. However, despite the large number of speakers, with the Rejang people making up the second-largest ethnic group in the region, Rejang is under serious threat due to speakers shifting to Indonesian. As parents start to only teach their children Indonesian, many young Rejang people are growing up without their ancestral language, which threatens to plunge Rejang into extinction. We at want to help preservation efforts in our own way: by creating a top-quality Rejang translation team.

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Let’s discover more about Rejang!

Bengkulu Province is the primary home of Rejang, with most speakers residing in the southwestern coastal province of Sumatra, although Rejang speakers are also found in South Sumatra Province. Rejang is a notable language due to its stark differences from the other languages spoken in Sumatra, with linguists classifying it among the Bidayuh languages spoken in Borneo. Of course, Rejang is related to the other languages in Sumatra, since they’re all Malayo–Polynesian languages, but the relation is merely distant. Traditionally written in the Rejang script, the language now uses Latin characters.

Rejang employs the same basic word order as English: subject-verb-object. The language also exhibits significant derivational inflection, which refers to adding affixes to words to change their fundamental meaning, sometimes even transforming them from one type of word (e.g., noun) to another (e.g., verb). In terms of pronouns, Rejang could easily confuse a native English speaker thanks to its inclusive and exclusive first-person pronouns, which indicate whether the listener is included, and its polite forms for both the second- and third persons. Rejang speakers also adhere to a strict societal hierarchy that dictate which greetings to use.

Customizable Rejang translation services that conform to your needs

We understand that different clients have different needs, so we designed our Rejang translation team with flexibility in mind. By carefully selecting experienced Rejang translators specialized in different types of translation, we ensure that we can cover a maximally large range of translation needs, including translation both into and out of Rejang. So, don’t worry even if you have a document that seems difficult to translate, such as a historical Rejang-language text written in the original Rejang script or a cherished literary work that demands special care in its translation to English. Our team can also translate various types of content into natural-sounding Rejang, including business materials, pedagogical content, novels, poems, websites, apps, games, and more, all delivered with passion and care.

You can access high-quality Rejang translation services for just about any type of content simply by messaging us and letting us know your needs.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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