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Our Newest Offering Is Yagua Translation Services

Today, across the Americas, most people speak a European language as their native tongue—generally English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese. In fact, these languages are so prevalent across North and South America that it’s easy to forget just how linguistically diverse these continents really are. And no, we’re not talking about all the immigrant languages that newcomers from around the world have brought to the lands—we mean the indigenous languages still spoken all across the Americas. Today, we’re diving into one from South America: Yagua.

With around 5,700 native speakers, Yagua is a medium-sized Amerindian language, and with around one-third of the population monolingual in Yagua, it’s significantly less endangered than many other indigenous languages across the continent. Additionally, the majority of ethnic Yagua people speak the language. However, Spanish still poses an enormous threat to Yagua’s vitality, with the Yagua people increasingly assimilating into Peruvian and Colombian society both culturally and linguistically. At, we want to support Yagua—which is why we’ve launched our own Yagua translation team.

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Yagua: a unique indigenous language in Peru and Colombia

Yagua’s 5,700 speakers primarily reside in northeastern Peru, with some found across the border in the Colombian town of Leticia. In general, the Yagua people tend to live in scattered, isolated villages of just a few dozen families, which means they often have limited contact with Yagua speakers from other villages. Generally, outside of their villages they must use Spanish to get by, which affects the overall health of the Yagua language.

Yagua is a unique language, the only extant member of the Peba–Yaguan language family. Despite not being related to any other living languages, Yagua is similar to indigenous languages all across the Americas in that it exhibits a high degree of morphological inflection, resulting in long words. The basic word order is verb-subject-object, but Yagua mostly uses postpositions, not prepositions, which is unusual for a VSO language. The language effectively lacks adjectives, instead describing attributes of nouns with adjective-like nouns (e.g., “the red hen” would literally be something like “the red one, the hen”). Counting is also complicated in Yagua—the language uses a base-5 counting system, with different words for animate and inanimate nouns. Yagua’s unique characteristics can make it a tricky language to translate, but native-speaking translators like our team members can navigate the challenges seamlessly.

Our Yagua translation services are highly flexible

To ensure we’re providing you with the best Yagua translation services we can, we’ve searched across the disparate villages of Yagua speakers in northeastern Peru to find the top translators of the Yagua language. Our team includes translators from both Peru and Colombia, covering different varieties of Yagua and allowing for wide coverage of Yagua translation needs. We work in both directions—translation from English to Yagua as well as translation from Yagua to English—so our passionate translators can help you with all sorts of projects.

Are you looking for specialized translation services to or from Yagua? Let us help. Some of our translators are well suited for academic translation projects, such as research questionnaires or learning materials for the Yagua-language education that Yagua children are raised in. You can rely on our business translators for pinpoint translation of advertising materials for use in Yagua-speaking communities. Or you may be interested in our literary translation services, ideal for spreading Yagua tales around the world or bringing exciting new content in the form of books, poems, stories, apps, games, and more to the Yagua-speaking world. If you have any special requests, just ask!

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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