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Our New Translation Services for Lautu Chin Are Live

Did you know that there are more than 100 distinct languages spoken natively in the incredibly ethnolinguistically diverse Southeast Asian country of Myanmar? The country’s official language is Burmese, serving as the native language for the majority of the population—but minority indigenous languages abound throughout the country, spoken by communities of varying sizes. Even smaller languages in Myanmar are often spoken vigorously, as is the case with Lautu Chin.

Lautu Chin—sometimes shortened to Lautu or alternatively called Lutuv—was recorded as having around 18,000 native speakers in 2005, but the ethnic community has blossomed to about 50,000 people as of 2017, so the number of Lautu Chin speakers has likely followed suit. Scant research on the language makes it difficult to ascertain precise data. Languages like Lautu Chin tend to be underrepresented in the translation industry—so we at are thrilled to introduce our new Lautu Chin translation services.

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Lautu Chin: a small but vibrant minority language of Myanmar

Lautu Chin speakers mostly reside in Myanmar, previously known as Burma, although a number of Lautu Chin people have emigrated to the United States and Australia, bringing their unique language with them. In Myanmar, the language is spoken in the northwestern Chin State, particularly in the townships of Matupi, Thantlang, and Hakha. Zooming in even further, Lautu Chin is spoken in the following villages: Hnaring, Khuahrang, Thang-aw, Fanthen (Aasaw), Surngen, Tisen, Sentung, Hriangpi (Hrepuv), Sate, Lekang, Lawngthangtlang, Zuamang, Capaw, Pintia, La-u, and Lei Pi (Li Puv). In recent years, devastation to Lautu-speaking communities caused by the brutal Burmese civil war has led to an exodus of Lautu Chin people to neighboring India.

Lautu Chin is a member of the Sino–Tibetan language family, with Mandarin, Tibetan, and Burmese constituting distant cousins of the language. More precisely, as its name suggests, it belongs to the Kuki-Chin languages, a cluster of languages spoken primarily in Myanmar’s Chin State and India’s Mizoram. Lautu Chin has various dialects, but they all have high mutual intelligibility, and the language is also highly similar to other Chin languages, including Mara Chin, Zyphe Chin, and Senthang Chin. The profile of the language has been increasing, with the Chin Languages Research Project collaborating with a Lautu Chin translator to translate a number of short books into the language. Of course, given the various differences between Lautu Chin and English, it’s not an easy language to translate, but not to worry—when you work with native-speaking translators like ours, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality.

Bringing you the best in Lautu Chin translation services—with guaranteed quality.

Since Lautu Chin is a small minority language in an underdeveloped country, not many translation companies are willing to work with it. But is different. We’re proud to work with our Lautu Chin team members, who are passionate about translating texts of all kinds to and from their beloved native language. We’ve recruited our Lautu Chin translators from different areas of Matupi, Thantlang, and Hakha in Myanmar’s Chin State, ensuring dialectical diversity for our clients.

Our Lautu Chin translation team is small, but we’re always happy to accommodate your needs and tailor our translation services to best fit your project. We have translators well suited to academic translation, boasting knowledge in a variety of fields, as well as translators skilled in business translation, whether for internal corporate documents or customer-facing marketing collateral. We also hire literary translators who help both local Lautu-speaking writers and international artists translate their works across linguistic borders to expand their audience and broaden their message.

Ready to work with our Lautu Chin translators? Just send us a message with your document(s) and an explanation of your needs—and we’ll get to work!


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