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Our New Translation Services Dedicated to Canarian Spanish

Spanish may have originated in Spain, but it certainly didn’t remain confined to the Iberian Peninsula. Today, the majority of Spanish speakers reside in Latin America, where most countries speak Spanish as their primary language. But there are a few places outside of Europe and the Americas where Spanish is spoken. Equatorial Guinea is an example—a small, coastal Central African nation that uses Spanish as its lingua franca. There’s also the Canary Islands, which technically belong to Spain but, lying just off the coast of Morocco, lie in African waters.

Spanish has been the dominant language of the Canary Islands ever since Spanish colonizers discovered the island and decimated the indigenous Gaunche population after a formidable resistance. Roughly two million people today speak this dialect of Spanish, which is widely used in all aspects of life on the islands. Canarian Spanish is starkly different from Castilian Spanish, which forms the basis of the Standard Spanish used in Spain, but despite that, translation services dedicated to Canarian Spanish are few and far between. Here at, we’re proud to stand as one of the few translation companies with a translation team specifically dedicated to Canarian Spanish.

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Diving into what makes Canarian Spanish unique

Given that the Canary Islands are part of Spain and are located relatively close to Spain, one might assume that Canarian Spanish is more similar to Castilian Spanish than Latin American Spanish—but in fact, the opposite is true. Canarian Spanish, like all varieties of Latin American Spanish, is derived from Andalusian Spanish, spoken in the southern portion of Spain. But that’s not all—Canarian Spanish bears a striking resemblance to Caribbean Spanish, as large swaths of the Canarian population emigrated to the Caribbean during colonial times, tying the two regions together to this day.

Like most Latin American Spanish dialects, Canarian Spanish prefers the simple past tense over the perfect, which is often used in Mainland Spain. Another similarity Canarian Spanish has with Latin American Spanish is that it uses ustedes for all second-person plural pronouns, whereas this is reserved for formal usage in Mainland Spain. Canarian Spanish may omit the possessive de in some expressions, which can sound jarring to someone from Mainland Spain, and it tends to use a shorter suffix for the diminutive, used to add an element of smallness or endearment, than Castilian Spanish.

We’re your go-to translators for all things Canarian Spanish.

We’re committed to providing high-quality translations for all dialects of Spanish, including Canarian Spanish. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to find the best Canarian Spanish translators from all across the archipelago, scouting out passionate native-speaking Canarians with translation experience across a wide range of domains. Our team translates both to Canarian Spanish and from Canarian Spanish, so whether you’re branching out from the islands or catering to the local populace, we have the right translator for you.

Maybe you run a business and you want to expand—whether that means taking operations abroad or setting up a new branch in the Canary Islands. You could be an academic who wants to get your work published in an esteemed international journal or cater to your scholarly peers in the Canary Islands. Perhaps you’re a content creator based in the Canary Islands, and you want to open up your novels, poems, stories, apps, or games to an international audience, or maybe you want to tailor your content specifically for a Canarian audience. Whatever brings you to our company in your search for Canarian Spanish translation services, we’re eager to help.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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