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Our New Team Is Here to Provide Asháninka Translation Services

The Amazon rainforest is known for its incredible diversity, with a plethora of flora and fauna calling the dense jungle home. But the region’s diversity isn’t limited to plants and animals—many humans also reside in the Amazon, including many indigenous South American tribes whose harsh native offered them relative protection from the influences of European colonizers. Even today, the Amazon plays host to a wide range of indigenous languages, spanning various families, and one of the bigger ones is Asháninka.

With roughly 63,000 native speakers, Asháninka commands relative influence throughout the Amazonian region of Peru and Brazil. Though the language remains in relatively good standing, used vigorously in the community and being learned by the local children, Asháninka speakers are pressured to learn Spanish or Portuguese, which, alongside the sometimes illegal logging and deforestation activities in the tribe’s native territory, poses a threat to Asháninka’s long-term survival. We at want to support the language with our new Asháninka translation services.

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A quick overview of the Asháninka language

While Asháninka is split between Peru and Brazil, most speakers reside on the Peruvian side of the border, specifically in parts of Junín, Pasco, Huánuco, and Ucayali. Their Brazilian counterparts live in the state of Acre. Asháninka may be better classified as a dialect continuum of several closely related languages rather than a single language, with a subgroup of dialects known under the name Ashéninka. There exists no standard orthography to tie all the varieties of Asháninka together.

In terms of its family history, Asháninka belongs to the Arawakan language family, which comprises numerous languages all throughout South America. It occupies the Campa branch of languages, although the term “Campa” is considered offensive because it’s derived from the Quechua word for “ragged” or “dirty.” The language is highly complex, like most other Amerindian languages, with heavy verbal inflection resulting in potentially huge words. The most common word order is subject-verb-object, like English, but verb-subject-object, verb-object-subject, and object-verb-subject are also possible. Asháninka also features some unique grammatical markers, including enclitics (similar to suffixes) to add emphasis, to indicate doubt or uncertainty, and to express excitement or enthusiasm. To properly capture all these nuances, make sure to work with native-speaking Asháninka translators—our team is brimming with them.

Asháninka translation services you can count on for any project

No matter why you’re looking for Asháninka translation services, we’ve built a team to cater to your individual translation needs. With translators hailing from Junín, Pasco, Huánuco, Ucayali, and the Brazilian state of Acre, we provide coverage of the different variants of Asháninka (including the Ashéninka dialects), allowing for the ultimate customization of your translation project. Our translators, who speak the language natively, are passionate about translating both to and from their language, offering the both of best worlds.

We proudly offer translation services for a wide variety of projects, with specialists from different domains providing targeted translation to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. This includes translation services for academic purposes, whether that means translating research questionnaires for anthropologists or educational materials for Asháninka children. We also offer business translation services, a great option for international businesses moving into the Asháninka-speaking regions of Peru and Brazil to establish rapport with their new customer base. Or you can take advantage of our literary translation services, which include translation from Asháninka for tales you’d like to share with the rest of the world and translation to Asháninka for any books, poems, stories, games, apps, or other media you’re looking to bring to the Asháninka people to boost literacy rates and support their language.

Our team can’t wait to provide Asháninka translation services. So, reach out today to place your first order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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