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Our New Anuak Translation Services Are Ready

Even though most African countries use a colonial language (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.) as their official language and national lingua franca, most people of Africa speak one of the 2,000 or so indigenous languages spread across the broad continent. Africa is full of minority languages still spoken vigorously, even under the pressure of larger lingua francas—but unfortunately, many of these languages lack accessible translation services. Anuak is one such example.

Anuak is spoken by some 200,000 people as a native language, so while it’s significantly smaller than major languages in the region, it’s also significantly larger than many other minority languages. The majority of ethnic Anuak people speak the language, but not all of them—thus, the language is vulnerable to erosion from bigger languages. It’s important to provide access to translation services for languages like Anuak, and we at are proud to do just that with our new Anuak translation services.

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A quick look at the Anuak language.

Anuak—which has several alternative names, including Anywaa, Anywa, Anuyak, Yambo, Jambo, Yembo, Bar, Burjin, Miroy, Moojanga, and Nuro—is native to western Ethiopia and parts of South Sudan. It comprises four main dialects—namely, Adoyo, Coro, Lul, and Opëno—and is closely related to the neighboring languages of Päri and Jur-Luwo, to the point that they’re considered a dialect cluster. More broadly, Anuak belongs to the Nilo–Saharan language family, specifically to the Luo grouping, making it distantly related to other major African languages like Songhay and Maasai.

Grammatically speaking, Anuak differs considerably from English. For starters, the language has no dominant word order, with words able to appear in sentences in any order. Different word orders can produce different nuances that translators must be attuned to in order to provide high-quality work. Anuak nouns tend to precede modifiers, including adjectives and numerals, and demonstratives (words like “this” and “that,” except that Anuak has a third one equivalent to “that over there”) are added directly to nouns as suffixes. The linguistic differences between Anuak and English can complicate translation efforts, but don’t worry—our native-speaking Anuak translators can handle the challenge.

Anuak translations for anyone—regardless of your project.

No matter where you’re from, no matter why you need Anuak translation services, you can count on our passionate translators to expertly guide you through the process. Our team members are native Anuak speakers from Ethiopia and South Sudan who are eager to help people from around the world translate texts to and from their language. If you’re looking for a speaker of a particular dialect—Adoyo, Coro, Lul, or Opëno—all you have to do is ask. We work in both directions, so whether you’re looking to internationalize your audience by translating from Anuak into English or expand your readership to the Anuak people by translating from English to Anuak, we can help.

What kind of translation services are you interested in? Our Anuak translators are skilled in a variety of domains, making them well suited to tackle many different types of translation projects. Researchers or other scholars may be interested in our academic translation services, which can be invaluable for anyone conducting research in the Anuak-speaking regions of Ethiopia and South Sudan. Business owners may want to work with our business translators to prepare their marketing content for an Anuak-speaking audience, regardless of industry. Creative content producers are welcome to collaborate with our literary translators to bring their stories to new audiences—whether that means internationalizing them or localizing them for Anuak speakers—for works of any kind. And if your text deals with complex topics, don’t worry—we have subject-matter experts in a range of disciplines.

Our Anuak translators are ready to help you—so why not reach out and place your first order today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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