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Let Us Introduce Our New Mazanderani Translation Services

Persian isn’t the only language spoken in Iran—far from it. It does constitute the majority native language of the country, with just over half of Iranians speaking Persian as their first language, and most other Iranians learn it as a second language, as it’s used in education, media, and government. But Iran is also teeming with minority languages scattered all throughout the country. Some, like Azerbaijani, Arabic, and Turkmen, have leaked into the country from neighboring lands, but others, like Gilaki, Luri, and Mazanderani, are entirely native to Iran. Today, we’re taking a look at Mazanderani.

With an estimated 2 million native speakers, Mazanderani constitutes the native language of approximately 7% of Iranians. Like other minority languages in Iran, it’s been heavily influenced by Persian, but it retains its unique identity as a separate language, thriving alongside its closely related sister language Gilaki, which boasts a similar number of speakers. However, the Iranian government has a strong preference for Persian in nearly all areas of the vast West Asian country, which puts languages like Mazanderani at risk. It’s rare to find a translation agency willing to cover a minority Iranian language like Mazanderani, but that’s precisely what you’ve found with us here at

We’re proud to introduce our new Mazanderani translation services, which are available for all sorts of documents. To see how much our Mazanderani translation services cost, simply request a free quote!

Mazanderani: a unique Iranian language with a long, rich history

Mazanderani is native to the Iranian province of Mazandaran, which lies in north-central Iran, straddling the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Historically, the present-day territory of Mazandaran once belonged to the Kingdom of Tapuria, leading modern-day Mazanderani-speaking youth to sometimes prefer the terms “Tapuri” or “Tabari” to refer to their native language. Mazanderani is an Iranian language with myriad similarities to Persian, but it also demonstrates considerable influence from the Kartvelian languages, such as Georgian, making it distinct and unique.

Mazanderani lacks grammatical gender, but it nonetheless undergoes inflection in both verbs and nouns, with six different noun cases distinguished in the language. Mazanderani does distinguish between definite and indefinite nouns, but generally not through the use of articles, like English’s “a” and “the”—rather, Mazanderani marks definiteness through a suffix. It does feature an article for indefinite singular nouns, however. Mazanderani’s basic word order is subject-object-verb, but subject-verb-object, the word order of English, is also acceptable depending on the dialect.

Trust us for high-quality Mazanderani translation services.

If you’re looking for the very best in Mazanderani translation services, we’re confident our team will meet—or exceed—your expectations. That’s because we’ve taken great care to scout out the best Mazanderani translators from all across Mazandaran and elsewhere in Iran, compiling a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate Mazanderani translators. As native speakers, our translators truly understand the ins and outs of Mazanderani, and they’re capable of delivering smooth, seamless translations both to and from their language, catering to the diverse translation needs of clients from all across Iran and the wider world.

There are many reasons you may want to access Mazanderani translation services—and we’ve built a team to cater to as many of these reasons as possible. Are you a businessperson? Take advantage of our Mazanderani translation services to boost your organization’s presence in Mazandaran—or to help take your local Iranian business to foreign countries. Are you an academic researcher? Our translators can transform your questionnaires into easy-to-understand Mazanderani to ensure clear, crisp answers from your Mazanderani-speaking sample. Are you a content creator or language activist? Allow us to translate traditional Mazanderani literature into English to help promote this unique Iranian language and culture—or to translate media like books, poems, apps, and games into Mazanderani for the benefit of the local populace.

No matter what kind of Mazanderani translation services you’re looking for, we’d love to help. Get in touch today to tell us about your project!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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