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Let Us Introduce Our New Kichwa Tena Translation Services

You’ve surely heard of the Inca Empire, but what you might not know is that the descendants of the Inca people are still alive and well in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia today, still speaking the languages that once dominated this important ancient civilization. While the Inca Empire was multilingual, with various languages spoken across its lands, Quechua stood out as the primary language. Although often treated as a single language, Quechua is actually a language family containing a handful of different languages, and one of them is Kichwa.

Spanish is the official language of Ecuador, and most people in the country speak it—but many Ecuadorians also speak an Amerindian language natively, and Kichwa is the most common indigenous language in Ecuador. Sprawled out across a large swath of inland Ecuador, several different Kichwa dialects have developed, and although they remain largely mutually intelligible, they each have their own pronunciation and orthography. One of the Kichwa dialects used in Ecuador is Kichwa Tena, with an estimated 10,000 Ecuadorians claiming it as their mother tongue. It’s not the biggest Kichwa dialect, and all indigenous languages in Ecuador are overshadowed by Spanish, so it’s hard to find translation services for it—but that’s where we come in.

At, we’re proud to dedicate a specific translation team to Kichwa Tena. To see a free quote for our services, simply send us a message and ask!

Learning a bit more about Kichwa Tena

Since most Kichwa dialects are named after the location they’re spoken in, it’s no surprise that Kichwa Tena is native to Tena Canton, an administrative division of the Ecuadorian province of Napo. Napo, located in the northern-central part of the country, is nestled in the Amazon Rainforest and constitutes the Ecuadorian province with the highest percentage of indigenous inhabitants, with more than half of Napo’s population either identifying as indigenous or speaking an indigenous language, such as Kichwa Tena.

Kichwa comprises the northern portion of Quechuan languages, and although Southern Quechua, spoken in Peru and Bolivia, has far more speakers, Ecuador’s Kichwa nonetheless stands strong as a proud and widely spoken Amerindian language. It’s not an easy language to learn, with complex grammar that includes more than a dozen noun cases and a complicated verbal conjugation system that marks verbs for both subject and object. Kichwa Tena (and other Kichwa dialects) also feature evidentiality markers that make clear how a speaker knows the information they’re conveying (e.g., through direct experience or hearsay).

Ready to translate to and from Kichwa Tena—for any type of documents

If you’ve been struggling to find dedicated translation services for Kichwa Tena, the struggle is finally over. We’ve tracked down the best Kichwa translators in Tena for you, and considering their passion for their native language, they’re eager to deliver high-quality and accurate translations for all types of translation projects. Are you looking to translate from English to Kichwa Tena, or are translation services from Kichwa Tena to English more in line with your goals? Take your pick, because our team can provide both!

We’ve also made it our mission to build a maximally flexible translation team capable of handling different types of translation jobs. We’re limited by the small speaker community of Kichwa Tena, but to the best of our ability, we’ll always match you with the translator who best fits your needs, whether your translation project is more geared toward the business world, academia, literature, or something else. If your text contains technical vocabulary or otherwise requires subject-matter expertise to translate accurately, let us know—we may not always be able to accommodate your niche, but we’ll always try our best. Quality and flexibility in our Kichwa Tena translation services are important to us.

With our new team, you now have easy access to dedicated Kichwa Tena translation services! Take advantage of our new services and send us a message today!

Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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