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Krio Is Now One of the Languages We Offer Translation Services For

Africa is an incredibly linguistically diverse place. Although many of the languages spoken across the massive continent come from the same language family—the Niger–Congo family—the languages themselves are highly diverse, representing thousands of ethnolinguistic groups. When a single country is home to dozens or even hundreds of different ethnolinguistic groups, a lingua franca is essential to ensure smooth communication across the country. In Africa, this has resulted in many creole languages stepping up to serve as a means of communication between ethnic groups, with Krio as a notable example.

Krio is an English-based creole language spoken widely across the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Though not officially recognized, Krio is the de facto national language of the country, spoken by at least half of Sierra Leoneans. After gaining independence from the UK in 1961, Krio usage was heavily encouraged by writers and educators, with prominent works receiving Krio translations and Krio being instituted as the language of primary education in some schools. Nonetheless, there aren’t many translation agencies offering translation services for Krio, and we at aim to fill that gap with our professional Krio translation team.

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Discovering the identity of Krio

Krio was brought to the tip of West Africa by freed slaves who were returned to Africa from the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, collectively known as the Sierra Leone Creole people. The Creole people founded Sierra Leone’s capital, aptly named Freetown, and have had a significant influence on the development of the West African country, with the Creoles accounting for 3 to 6% of Sierra Leone’s population even today.

While much of Krio’s vocabulary is derived from English, many grammatical influences come from various African languages. Plural is marked with the suffix -dèm, unlike the English -s, and the tense markers, which come in the form of particles rather than inflection, would be completely unintelligible to a Standard English speaker. Krio also uses its own hortative particle to encourage or discourage actions and an optative particle to indicate one’s wishes or hopes. Krio doesn’t make a distinction between men and women in its third-person pronouns, but it does include a second-person plural pronoun, unlike English.

What kind of translation services are you looking for in Krio?

The Krio language is an important element of the Sierra Leonean identity, particularly for the Sierra Leone Creole people in and around Freetown. The professional translators who staff our Krio translation team are proud of their language and are passionate about bridging the communication gap between Sierra Leoneans and the wider world through translation. We have the skills to offer translation services both to and from Krio, so whatever you need, we’re sure we can provide it. If you want to translate historical documents or traditional literature and stories in Krio to share with the world, let us help! If you want to translate business materials, pedagogical content, books, websites, apps, or games into Krio to cater to Sierra Leoneans and allow them to enjoy great content in their national language, we’re equally happy to offer our skills.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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