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Hiring Latvian Translation Services: The Top 5 Risks

There are multiple risk factors that a Latvian translation service needs to pay attention to when translating into Latvian. Here, we address the ones that represent the greatest threat to quality and lead to client dissatisfaction most frequently when translation services are required.

1. Relying on the services of a friend who thinks he can speak the language won’t work.

This is especially true if you’re planning to have some marketing material translated. It’s been proven that if a person reads just a few lines that are written awkwardly or include mistakes, he or she usually loses any interest in reading further. Therefore, what might have seemed like a bargain due to the low price will result in the loss of potential clients and possibly hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2. An evolving language can lead to improper style and lack of accuracy when translators are inexperienced.

Latvian is one of two living Baltic languages with an official status; however, it has enjoyed a more rapid development. Latvian translation services can endure no tinkering as experience and a solid knowledge of grammar rules are crucial to producing the desired result.

3. Machine translation equals disaster.

Latvian is very different from English and other foreign languages as its grammar is more complex due to cases, declensions, syntax and punctuation. Machine translation usually gives a text that’s worthless, or even worse, communicates a completely opposite idea from the one reflected in the source language.

4. Even if the translation is performed by a native Latvian speaker, there’s no guarantee of quality.

There’s another important aspect of Latvian translation that clients usually disregard. Having found a native speaker of Latvian, the client might think the deal is in the bag, but no. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to know only one language fairly well; a person who provides translation services must know both the source language and the target one to ensure quality.

5. Opportunities to find a professional are limited.

Now, think about it: If the population of Latvian-speakers is only about 1.3 million, how many of them will also have a decent knowledge of another foreign language? This seems like a tough question, but fortunately, we’re proud to present a team of carefully selected professionals who can deliver an excellent translation and meet even the toughest deadlines. We’d love to help with your project!

Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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