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Hiring Hindi Translation Services: The Top 4 Pitfalls

We all know translating into languages from different families can be difficult given their vastly different grammar and the subtle meanings of words.

Unlike for other languages, hiring a Hindi translator on your own can be tricky business. Hindi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of Indo-European languages and is very different from English and other European or world languages.

1. Just because you found someone living in or from India doesn’t mean you got a native speaker.

Native speakers do it best. When it comes to native Hindi speakers, it’s a little complicated. You see, India is a diverse country and home to countless languages. There are 23 official languages and Hindi is designated as the national language. It’s widely spoken in north central India. Most central government official work is typically done in Hindi and English, whereas federal states use their own state languages. In most states, Hindi is only taught as a second language, and in some south Indian states like Tamilnadu, there’s no formal education in Hindi.

Thus, it can be a tough ask for companies to identify native speakers on their own to translate Hindi.

2. You found a native Hindi speaker; he or she can do the job, right?

Not necessarily. Since Hindi is very different from English or other languages, the native speaker must be well educated in English (or other source languages) and should understand the subtle nuances. The Hindi translation service must account for cultural differences and circumstances and the purpose of the translation. Word-by-word translation can be completely incomprehensible and irrelevant to native speakers.

3. Google hasn’t mastered Hindi languages yet. Don’t even think about it.

Google has made our lives much easier in so many ways. It may have vastly improved translations for European languages such as German or French, but when it comes to good Hindi translation services, its AI has a lot of catching up to do.

4. Hindi has many styles depending on the target audience.

Now, Hindi spoken in cities is different from what a villager in central India would speak. A translation of a government certificate may require a standardized style, but can be disastrous if chosen for a new photography filter app.

Looking for an experienced, native, professional Hindi translator who also speaks native-level English?

Professional Hindi translation is a highly skilled task and, fortunately, our professional Hindi translators tick all the boxes: They speak native-level English and have translated for many reputable companies. If you want a relevant, well-thought-out transmission of a message that will never get lost in translation, you’ve landed at the right place.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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