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Hiring Greek Translation Services: The Top 4 Risks

If you have a text that requires translation to or from Greek and you’re thinking of assigning it to your Greek friend, who works as anything but a translator, think again. While translation should be an exciting and interesting activity for everyone involved, if some things aren’t taken into consideration, the result will be inadequate and may lead to a series of problems. So, consider the following:

1. There’s no direct linguistic and alphabetic correspondence between English and Greek.

We’re not just talking about a different language, but an entirely different alphabet. The only contact non-Greeks have with Greek letters is in math, where Greek letters are used as mere symbols. Therefore, any translation effort made by a non-Greek with the help of an electronic translation tool is doomed to fail since there’s no common linguistic basis on which he or she can rely to check the quality of the translation produced by the tool.

2. Excellent command of Greek isn’t enough.

The fact that you’ve found a Greek person who can speak and write in Greek doesn’t mean you’ve found the right person for a translation task. Our Greek translation service employs skilled professionals with many years of experience translating all kinds of English texts. This ensures that no English content is omitted during the translation and there are no opportunities for misinterpretation, which is very likely to happen if a nonprofessional Greek translator undertakes this task.

3. Greek, like Greek culture, is high-context.

For those unfamiliar with this distinction, it is as follows: in low-context cultures, and subsequently, their corresponding languages, what is spoken or written is to be taken literally. In high-context ones, however, the opposite is true. There are many cases in which, if something is read — let alone translated — in a literal sense, not only will it lose its meaning, but there may be misunderstandings as well. Our professional Greek translation service solves this problem by double-checking, with the assistance of specialized proofreaders, the already high-quality work done by our professional translators.

4. In Greek, natural flow is difficult to achieve, but it's everything.

A text in Greek, in order to be joyfully readable and easily understandable, needs to be coherent and well structured. Since Greek is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, any text without perfect flow is considered amateurish, or worse, badly translated. We don’t believe you want to look like an amateur to your coworkers or employer by presenting a text that’s poorly written or incomplete.

Looking for a solution?

By hiring our Greek translation service, you make sure that your linguistic project is handled in the most appropriate, professional and timely manner!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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