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Mexico has more than 285 indigenous languages spoken within its territory, making it the sixth-most linguistically diverse country in the world, despite the vast majority of inhabitants speaking Spanish as their native language. The biggest indigenous language in the country, by a large margin, is Nahuatl, the primary language of the historic Aztec Empire. Nahuatl has around 1.7 million native speakers, but Nahuatl variants tend to be so different that they’re better classified as languages rather than dialects. One Nahuatl language is Central Nahuatl, and we’ve just added new translation services for it.

Since Central Nahuatl (which is also called Tlaxcala–Puebla Nahuatl) only has around 40,000 native speakers, it may feel insignificant, especially compared to Huasteca Nahuatl’s one million speakers. But in fact, 40,000 speakers is quite large for an indigenous language of the Americas, and Central Nahuatl enjoys relative prosperity, with as many as 1,000 monolinguals in 1990. However, the threat that Spanish poses to the proud indigenous language remains severe, and that’s why we at are so proud to introduce our Central Nahuatl translation services.

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Central Nahuatl: an important indigenous language in Central Mexico

Central Nahuatl is central not only to the Nahuatl-speaking region but also to Mexico itself, with the language boasting a presence in the central states of Tlaxcala and Puebla. This is, of course, how it gets its alternative name of Tlaxcala–Puebla Nahuatl. Although it exhibits low mutual intelligibility with many other Nahuatl languages, it is related to them, and together, the Nahuatl languages account for a significant portion of the Uto–Aztecan language family. This means that Central Nahuatl is also related to some indigenous languages in the United States, such as O’odham, Hopi, and Shoshoni.

Nahuatl languages are known for their intricate grammatical complexity, and Central Nahuatl is no exception. With extensive verbal morphology, Central Nahuatl verbs can be remarkably long, as they’re marked not only for tense, aspect, and mood but also the subject, patient, object, and indirect object. The language doesn’t feature cases or grammatical gender, like in German or Russian, but nouns are inflected for possession, receiving a personal possessive prefix if possessed and an absolutive suffix if unpossessed. The plural suffix is also different depending on whether a noun is possessed. Features like these can complicate the translation process, but it’s a breeze for native-speaking Central Nahuatl translators like ours.

A robust Central Nahuatl translation team that responds to your individual needs

Whoever you are, if you’re looking for Central Nahuatl translation services, you want to know you’re getting the best—and we want to provide the best. That’s why we’ve hired native speakers of Central Nahuatl from different parts of Tlaxcala and Puebla, which gives us broad coverage of the different dialects of the language. Whether you’re looking for translation to the language or from it, our team can help, as we have specialists who work in both directions.

Our team is also populated with Central Nahuatl translators who have experience providing different types of translation services for clients from the worlds of academia, business, literature, and more. If you’re looking for a specialized translation for your academic journal paper, research interview transcript, business report, white paper, press release, web copy, blog, book, short story, app, game, or anything else, just turn to us—we’ll try to match you with the best Central Nahuatl translator on our team for your project. Since some of our translators are also experts in additional domains, if you want a translator with expertise in a given area, simply let us know.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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