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As of Now, We Officially Offer Tarifit Translation Services

It’s well known that the dominant language across North Africa—all the way from Morocco to Egypt—is Arabic. The dialects may differ—sometimes to the point of mutual unintelligibility—but Arabic dominates across all of North Africa. So, it may come as a surprise to learn that there are actually a lot more languages spoken indigenously in the region. They’re smaller, of course, spoken by minority communities—but some of them nonetheless boast vibrant communities of millions of speakers. That’s the case with Tarifit, a major minority language in Morocco.

Tarifit (or Tarifit Berber or Riffian) is the native language of 1.3 million people in Morocco, which is impressive for a minority language—and yet, Tarifit is the smallest of Morocco’s three indigenous Berber languages (the others are Central Atlas Tamazight and Shilha or Tashelhit). The language, which comprises a number of dialects, is spoken over a wide swath of northern Morocco, with minority speaker communities in neighboring Algeria, as well as the autonomous Spanish city of Melilla. Unfortunately, though, Tarifit receives minimal attention from the rest of the world, leaving it with a dearth of translation services. At, we’ve stepped in to build our very own professional Tarifit translation team.

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Let’s look more closely at Tarifit.

Tarifit’s native speakers primarily live in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, with a particular presence in the provinces of Al Hoceima, Nador, and Driouch. There exist several dialects of the indigenous tongue, including West Riffian, Central Riffian, East Riffian. Iznasen, Senhaja de Sraïr, and Ketama may also be Tarifit dialects—opinions are divided on the subject. Tarifit is part of the Zenati branch of the Berber language family, which itself is a part of the expansive Afroasiatic language family.

Regarding grammar, Tarifit strings together sentences in a default word order of verb-subject-object, with person markings on verbs often rendering independent pronouns unnecessary. Tarifit nouns are categorized as masculine or feminine, as in Arabic and many European languages, and make a distinction between “construct state” and “free state,” constituting the two-way Tarifit case system. Verbs are modified with a number of prefixes that indicate the aspect, mood, and other information, allowing Tarifit speakers to pack a wealth of nuance into their verbal utterances—but the language tends to lack verbal tense as we know it in English.

We’re ready to help you translate any document to or from Tarifit.

As you can see, Tarifit isn’t a simple language, and it’s not easy to translate. But for veteran translators like those on our Tarifit translation team, it’s easy to access reliable, high-quality Tarifit translation services—whether you’re looking to translate into Tarifit or from Tarifit. Since our team features skilled and passionate translators for all Tarifit dialects—including the ones that are sometimes considered distinct languages—we’re confident that we can meet your needs for Tarifit translation.

It’s not just dialectical diversity that we excel at. Our Tarifit translators hail from a variety of diverse backgrounds, having honed their translation skills working on a wide range of projects, which means we can translate just about anything, whether it’s from the world of business, academia, literature, or technology—or even just personal correspondence. Our Tarifit translators are here to help foreign businesspeople establish a meaningful presence in the Rif region—while simultaneously aiding native Tarifit speakers in expanding their businesses beyond the Moroccan border. We can help researchers from abroad connect with locals in the Rif Mountains, and we can assist Tarifit-speaking scholars in spreading their findings abroad. We’re able to translate interesting books, poems, games, apps, and more into Tarifit, expanding your audience, while at the same time helping Riffian authors tell their stories to the rest of the world. When it comes to Tarifit translation services, we’re the experts.

If you want Tarifit translation services, all you have to do is message us—we’ll take it from there!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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