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Allow Us to Present Our New Team for Alur Translation Services

The Nilo–Saharan language family is an interesting one. Nestled firmly in Africa, primarily in the northern-central portion of the massive continent, the controversial Nilo–Saharan group is a proposed language family that linguists are divided on, with some dismissing the idea that the languages it encompasses are related at all. Nilo–Saharan languages are spoken widely in a number of Africa countries, including Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, and the northern portions of Kenya and Uganda, with the southern parts of these countries dominated by speakers of Bantu languages. But Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that our newest translation team takes us to.

The language we’re proud to present our new translation services for is Alur, a Luo language spoken natively by some 1.7 million people. As an offshoot of Luo, the biggest Nilo–Saharan language, Alur is widely spoken in its indigenous regions, even as it’s surrounded by other languages. The language is transnational, with different dialects spoken across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. We’d like to say that Alur is a well-served language that translation agencies are eager to work with, but unfortunately, as with so many other African languages, that’s not the case. But we at are proud of our Alur translation team.

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Providing a brief overview of the Alur language

Alur speakers are native to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo—specifically, the Nebbi and Zombo districts of northwestern Uganda and Ituri Province of northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Alur, itself sometimes considered a dialect of Luo, contains several dialects within itself, including Jokot, Jonam (or Lo-Naam), Mambisa, and Wanyoro—the first two of which are almost exclusive to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Alur boasts a subject-verb-object word order, like English and the Bantu languages that abound to its south. Unlike English and other European languages, Alur makes a marked distinction between alienable and inalienable possession, meaning they use different words depending on whether a noun is an integral part of someone or is a temporary possession. Inalienable nouns tend to be body parts or kinship terms. While this can trip up learners, another tricky aspect of Alur is its lack of a standardized orthography, with tones not distinguished in writing and ŋ sometimes being written as ng, which can cause confusion as the language differentiates between the two in pronunciation.

An Alur translation team for any occasion

We at have endeavored to be your number one choice for Alur translation services. We’ve worked hard to build a team of top-level Alur translators who you can trust to deliver high quality and care every time, no matter what kind of content you’re working with. We have Alur translators from different areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, ensuring we cover all Alur dialects, and our translators are passionate about their language, which drives their desire to deliver high-quality translations.

Another key aspect of our translation work is our flexibility—we want to help as many people who need Alur translation services as possible. To this end, we’ve hired translators with experience in various types of translation—everything from business translation and academic translation to literary translation and localization. That’s right—whether you need us to translate your business plan, research paper, full-length novel, or mobile app, our Alur team is here to produce the translation you need to succeed. And since we work in both directions, translating from English to Alur as well as from Alur to English, our translation services are available to people from all over the globe.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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