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Adding Saraiki to Our Translation Services: Our Latest Offering

Do you know what language is spoken in Pakistan? Trick question—Ethnologue lists 77 languages as being spoken in the South Asian country. English and Urdu are the country’s official languages, with Urdu used as the preferred lingua franca for different ethnic groups to communicate with one another, even though it’s only spoken natively by 7% of Pakistanis. The biggest native language in Pakistan is Punjabi (38%), followed by Pashto (18%), Sindhi (14%), and Saraiki (12%). That means Saraiki has more native speakers in Pakistan than Urdu, but nonetheless, the language is often overlooked on the global stage.

With more than 26 million native speakers, Saraiki isn’t a small language. Within Pakistan, it enjoys vigorous use, taught in grade schools and universities alike. Several TV and radio stations in Pakistan broadcast in Saraiki, and former Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani even expressly promoted the Saraiki language and culture, pushing for more use and institutionalization of the language. Saraiki also boasts a rich historical literary tradition that further cements the language’s importance. And yet, translation companies usually don’t offer Saraiki translation services. At, we find this unacceptable—so we’re proud to present our Saraiki translation team.

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Learning more about Saraiki, Pakistan’s fourth-biggest native language

Despite being the fourth-largest native language in Pakistan, Saraiki is mostly confined to parts of a single Pakistani province, with native speakers stretching along the southern and western portions of the province of Punjab in the country’s east. Previously, the language was known as Multani, named after the most prominent dialect of the language. Like many other languages in Pakistan, Saraiki is written right to left in a modified version of the Arabic script, adapted from the Persians.

Saraiki is an Indo–Aryan language from the Indo–European language family, meaning it’s related to English but much more closely to Hindi. It shares grammatical features with many nearby languages of the same family, including Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Sindhi. Saraiki uses two noun cases—direct and oblique—and exhibits a split-ergative alignment, which means that while the verb usually agrees with the subject, as in English, in certain cases, it instead agrees with the object, and the subject is given an ergative marker. The word order is subject-object-verb, with the verb coming last—while this may be jarring to English speakers, it’s actually the most common word order in the world.

Proud to offer high-quality Saraiki translation services

There are many reasons you may require Saraiki translation services. Say you’re a business leader who’s looking at moving into southern Punjab province, and you want to enchant the locals with your presence—Saraiki translation services of your materials is a great way to achieve this. On the flip side, maybe you’ve already built up a business in the Saraiki-speaking region and want to take operations to a new area—you’ll need to translate out of Saraiki in this case.

In academia, you might be a researcher interested in the rich history and culture of the Saraiki-speaking region, and you’d love to glean more valuable information from locals—for that, you’ll need your questionnaires translated into Saraiki. For local scholars, Saraiki translation services are necessary to transform academic works into English for publication at a national level.

And then there’s literature—anyone who wants to share Saraiki literature, past or present, with the rest of the world needs a competent translator for the job. In the opposite direction, content creators eying southern Punjab province to grow their audience can also benefit from Saraiki translation services.

Our team of experienced, native-speaking Saraiki translators provide all these services and more, translating content from a wide array of domains both to and from Saraiki. Ready to get started? Simply shoot us a message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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