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A New Team for Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl Translation Services

Given that more than 99% of Mexicans speak Spanish, it’s easy to forget that the Latin American country is home to more than 300 different languages as identified by linguists. The Mexican government has recognized 63 indigenous languages, but it tends to group languages into clusters, even if speakers of different varieties can’t understand one another. That’s the case with Nahuatl, with dozens of extant varieties—such as Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl.

As a language group, Nahuatl has more than 1.7 million native speakers, making it the biggest indigenous language in Mexico. However, these speakers are divided across several Nahuatl languages, often with poor mutual intelligibility. Among these Nahuatl languages is Southeastern Puebla, alternatively called Tehuacan–Zongolica Nahuatl, whose 260,000-odd native speakers make it one of the biggest Nahuatl languages. Finding translation services dedicated to Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl is difficult—so we at are thrilled to present our new Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl translation team!

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Exploring the Nahuatl language of southeastern Puebla

It’s easy to pinpoint where Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl is spoken—in the southeastern part of the state of Puebla, of course. Even more speakers are found in the southern portions of neighboring Veracruz. The language’s alternative name tips us off to the precise locales where it’s spoken: the city of Tehuacán in Puebla and the municipality of Zongolica in Veracruz. Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl is a member of the Uto–Aztecan language family, specifically the Aztecan (Nahua) language branch, where it features a mixture of characteristics from central and eastern Nahuatl languages.

Like other Nahuatl languages, Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl features a complex grammatical structure full of inflection. Though noun cases are absent, the language exhibits a remarkably free word order, with nearly any word order possible depending on the circumstances. Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl verbs can be exceedingly complex—not only are they marked for tense, aspect, and mood, but they also identify the subject, object, and indirect object, which can make for extremely long verbs. As for nouns, the plural suffix differs depending on whether the noun is possessed. Possessed nouns take a personal prefix, whereas unpossessed nouns have an absolutive suffix. Honorifics also dictate which pronouns a Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl speaker must use in a given context. So, the language is complicated, but don’t worry—that’s why we’ve hired native speakers.

Let our team provide the Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl translation services you need

Every client with a Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl translation project is different. They come from different areas of Mexico or even the world, with some looking to translate into Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl and others looking to translate out of the language. Different clients may be working with different varieties of the language, necessitating experts of different dialects. We’ve built a Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl translation team that can accommodate the varied needs of our many clients, with native-speaking translators from Tehuacán, Zongolica, and other areas of Puebla and Veracruz.

Whatever you need translated to or from Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl, our team is ready to help. With experts in different domains of translation, we ensure you have access to specific types of translation services—everything from academic translation and business translation to literary translation and localization. We help researchers gather information from Southeastern Puebla speakers and business owners establish a connection to the local community—and we help local academics and entrepreneurs spread their messages abroad. We also translate stories—of all genres and media—to and from Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl, helping spread awareness of the indigenous culture and language and helping preserve it by expanding its body of literature.

Anyone looking for Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl translation services has come to the right team. Why not place an order today?


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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