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A New Offering: Our Gayo Translation Services

Papua New Guinea has the most languages of any country in the world, but clocking in at more than 700, Indonesia is a close second. The Southeast Asian country’s population is mostly united under the lingua franca of Indonesian, and the majority of Indonesia’s languages come from the same language family. But that doesn’t mean the languages are similar in any practical sense, with speakers of different languages typically unable to understand each other. One of Indonesia’s more unique languages is Gayo.

Gayo has around 280,000 native speakers, but since the ethnic Gayo population is estimated at 335,000, a portion of Gayo people no longer speak their ancestral language. Indeed, Gayo is endangered, with the pressures of bigger languages like Indonesian and Acehnese weighing on the minority language. Still, the Gayo language is a source of pride for its people, and it enjoys vigorous use in some communities. At, we’re also passionate about Gayo, which is why we’ve launched a new Gayo translation team.

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Gayo: A unique language in the heart of Aceh

Gayo is found tucked away in the mountainous center of the province of Aceh, the northernmost province on the island of Sumatra. More specifically, you’ll find a lot of Gayo speakers in the regencies of Central Aceh, Bener Meriah, Gayo Lues. As a member of the Austronesian language family, it’s related to the other languages spoken in the surrounding areas, including Acehnese, Malay, Minangkabau, and the Batak languages, but only distantly. Several dialects of Gayo exist, with Bukit, Dëret, Lues, Lut, and Serbejadi-Lukup as the primary variants.

Although Gayo exhibits many differences from the languages it’s surrounded by, with no mutual intelligibility to help ease communication, its basic grammatical structure shares many of the same core concepts of other languages in Indonesia. For example, the basic word order is subject-verb-object, although objects or other elements can be promoted to the beginning of a sentence for added emphasis. Gayo also features the quintessential “Indonesian-type” focus system, where verbs are obligatorily marked with a prefix that indicates a focus on either the actor (doer) or patient (recipient) of the action. However, just like in Indonesian, Gayo verbs are not conjugated for tense—all temporal information is expressed via adverbs like “already” or time references like “today” or “yesterday.” Since Gayo is worlds apart from English, it can be difficult to translate between Gayo and English—but don’t worry, our Gayo translators are native speakers of this proud language.

Catering to our clients with a wide range of Gayo translation services

In order to bring you the highest-quality Gayo translation services we can, we’ve searched far and wide across Aceh and surrounding areas to find the top translation talent in the Gayo-speaking world. We’ve made sure to recruit passionate Gayo translators from various communities, which ensures we can offer broad coverage of the many different dialects of Gayo. Our translation services are available both to and from Gayo, so simply let us know what you’re looking for.

Our Gayo translation team is filled with experts who have amassed translation experience in different areas of the profession. We have academic translators who would be happy to help you translate journal articles, research surveys, and more, for a wide variety of fields. We have business translators eager to help locals and newcomers alike expand their business ventures with Gayo translation services for their business plans, white papers, and more. And we have literary translators who are passionate about spreading stories, messages, and joy to people around the world—whether that means translating Gayo works for others to enjoy or bringing foreign content to the Gayo language for locals to indulge in.

There’s never been a better time to get started with Gayo translation services. Message us to place an order now!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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