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5 Tips for Finding the Best Translation Services

The success of your global marketing campaign depends largely on the quality of your translation service. That’s because poorly translated content and language errors will alienate your audience and even hurt your credibility. But how do know when a translation service will give you the results you want? Here are five tips to help you get high-quality translation services.

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1. Communicate clearly with your vendor—and expect the same in return

Have you ever listened to two people trying to solve a problem, but they’re having two different conversations and getting nowhere? That’s what it’s like when you’re trying to translate your content for an international audience, but your translator isn’t cooperating. The consequence? Your marketing team gets held up and you start missing important deadlines.

Translation is just one of the many steps in meeting your international marketing goals. But mistakes and delays along the way can endanger your marketing efforts. That’s why a reliable translation service will keep you informed from start to finish and strive to exceed your expectations, no matter how complex the assignment.

2. Start with a solid foundation

Your translation projects begin with a thorough consultation about the process, from memory management to file formats, to text strings, to how often you’ll be updated. You don’t need surprises in the middle of the process—such as learning your marketing copy will be up to 40% longer when translated into French and will no longer fit your one-page template. When your account executive takes time to know every aspect of your project, you’ll save time, money, and stress.

3. Use the right technology

Downtime caused by out-of-date technology is expensive and frustrating. Finding a translation service that supports seamless integration with your technology platforms will prevent a lot of headaches in the long run. The vendor should have the tools to integrate with your platforms and be able to route your content from its translators and back to you. Hiring an agency with the best high-tech services leads to efficiency and a greater assurance of project success.

4. Know the services behind the cost

Consumers face this choice every day: Do I get by as cheaply as possible but pay more in the long run? Or do I pay for quality up front and get it done right the first time? It’s the same with translation services. If the per-word cost sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for red flags, and ask multiple people in your company to review the quotes and services. Look for hidden costs, and be certain the entire process is transparent in order to ensure quality and value.

5. Ask for samples and references

When considering a translation service, ask for a sample. A legitimate translation company will offer samples that give you a clearer picture of the translators’ skills—and the skills of the entire company. Ask how the company ensures accountability throughout the translation process. And it’s not too much to request status updates, which will help you monitor performance throughout.

A quality agency, like a quality employee, will have references for your review. Comments from other clients can shine a light on the agency’s performance, accountability, technical platforms, and overall value.

When you find the right agency, you’ve taken a huge step to achieving success in your global marketing plan.

Your best translation begins with

We offer these guidelines because we follow them with every client and every project, from consultation to completion. Our team of experienced professionals strive to ensure your translation project gets the results you want—and then some. Ready to start? Contact us today to learn how we can handle your translation needs.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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