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Not everyone in the world speaks English. In fact, most people don’t. A measly 17% or so of the global population speaks English, with the percentage dropping precipitously outside of the Anglophone world and Western and Northern Europe. Even in Poland, which is ranked as having one of the highest rates of English proficiency in the world, many people are monolingual in Polish. Poland also boasts a large population and a huge diaspora across the world, so optimizing your content for Poles through professional Polish dubbing services can be a wise investment.

If you’re looking to add Polish dubs to your film, TV series, video game, online video, or whatever other entertainment content you’ve created, we here at would love to help. Our team of Polish voice actors represent varieties of Polish spoken all across the Central European nation as well as throughout the Polish diaspora, making it easier than ever to access the Polish dubbing services you want. Dubs are much more powerful than subtitles, since they invite your Polish-speaking viewers to experience a higher level of immersion and nuance—meaning that Polish dubbing services can have a huge impact on the popularity of your content in Poland.

Don’t wait to get started with your Polish dubs! Contact our team today to ask about a free quote.

Discover new, loyal fans in the Polish-speaking world.

The number of Polish native speakers is estimated at around 40 million, which is more than Poland’s population of about 38 million. With another 5 million or so people learning Polish as a second language, the total number of worldwide Polish speakers stands at about 45 million. Almost everyone in Poland speaks Polish as their first language, but the Polish diaspora spans the globe, with communities of Polish speakers found not only in neighboring countries like Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia but also faraway lands like the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Polish is classified as a West Slavic language and is similar enough to neighboring Czech and Slovak that they exhibit partial mutual intelligibility. While it also demonstrates many similarities in vocabulary and grammar to Russian, the relation is far more distant. Polish is notorious for its incredibly complex grammar and consonant-centric phonology, with long clusters of consonants that may look impossible to non-native speakers. Grammatically, Polish features three genders and seven cases, with the masculine gender further differentiating between animate and inanimate nouns. Nouns and adjectives alike are inflected according to the respective intersection of gender, number, and case, and even verbs reflect gender in the past tense. If you want a high-quality dub into this highly complex language, you can count on our Polish dubbing experts.  

We have the experience to dub nearly any project into Polish.

Whether you’re producing a full-length film, a long-running TV drama, a popular children’s cartoon series, or a much-anticipated AAA video game, we’re here to help you cater it to a Polish-speaking audience. Since our voice actors have experience working on a wide variety of projects, we have no doubt they’ll be able to tailor their work to your specifications and produce the Polish dub you’re looking for.

We also source our Polish dubbing experts from all over—that means we have team members from every region of Poland as well as the many other countries in Europe and the world that house a Polish-speaking population. If you’re looking for dubs in a particular dialect of Polish, our highly diverse team can deliver that—all you have to do is let us know what you want for your Polish dub.

A high-quality Polish dub allows you to tap into the vast Polish-speaking population and grow a loyal new fanbase. Why not get started today by sending our team a message?

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