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Norwegian Voiceover Services


Almost any message is more impactful via voice than text, and this is particularly true for Norwegian, with its famously sing-songy intonation. If you’re a content creator looking to engage a Norwegian audience, investing in Norwegian voiceover services would be a wise move. It doesn’t matter whether you’re producing an animated movie, a commercial, a product demo, an educational video, a presentation, or a video game—all these projects and more can benefit from a Norwegian voiceover. is where you can go for all your voiceover needs in Norwegian and dozens of other languages. Our passionate team works carefully to help you choose the most talented voice actors for the job and uses cutting-edge audio equipment to record your lines. Then, we polish the audio clips so that you can work with them more easily. When it comes to Norwegian voiceover services, we deliver unwaveringly high quality, every time, so you can reap the benefits of a good voiceover.

How much does a professional Norwegian voiceover cost? Just ask us for a free quote!

Carve out a name for yourself in Norway with a Norwegian voiceover.

With 5.3 million speakers, Norwegian is smaller than its closely related neighbors Swedish and Danish, but nonetheless it unites the entire nation of Norway. It’s an Indo–European language—Germanic, to be exact—that developed from the ancient Norse languages of the Vikings. Modern-day Norwegian is a pretty far cry from the grammatically complex Old Norse that used to be spoken in the land, but Norwegians are proud of their language and its rich history. 

We can’t produce a Norwegian voiceover if you don’t have your script translated into Norwegian, so the first step in the voiceover process is translation. Our Norwegian translation experts would be happy to translate your text, since we know precisely how to create a natural-sounding script. Norwegian can be tricky—especially because of its V2 word order, where the verb must be placed in the second position of a sentence—so this is a job best left to professionals.

What do you stand to gain from a Norwegian voiceover?

A voiceover can do wonders for your content, whether it’s a product demo, a commercial, or an online video. First, it conveys an image of professionalism—whereas not adding a voiceover when one would be expected can make you appear cheap and uncommitted. Second, it improves your audience’s viewing experience, promoting increased immersion. Finally, since voice is more impactful than text, it even helps viewers remember your message.

It’s true that Norwegians are generally good at English, but of course, they’re better at and more comfortable in Norwegian. So, if Norwegians are your target audience, you should invest in a Norwegian voiceover. This allows you to stand out and shows your viewers that you value them. This way, you can effectively reach viewers from Oslo to Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, and beyond.

Take advantage of Norway’s top voiceover talent.

Show your Norwegian viewers they’re worth it by investing in a high-quality Norwegian voiceover. The last thing you want to do is release your work with a poor-quality voiceover—that could hurt your reputation even more than not including a voiceover in the first place. After all, viewers won’t be pleased if they struggle to understand what’s being said or if poor voice acting ruins the immersion. 

Luckily, only works with the top voiceover talent in Norway. With experience in tons of domains, our voice actors, translators, and audio professionals are bona fide experts in engaging Norwegian audiences with voiceovers, and they’re excited to help you make the most of your content.

Send us a message if you’re interested in Norwegian voiceover services—let’s discuss what you need!

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