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Lao Interpretation Services Available In Person and Remotely


Come to us for all your Lao interpretation needs.

Considering the global spread and importance of English, it’s easy to think that most of the world can at least speak some English—but that’s simply not the case. Indeed, people from all sorts of different countries and cultures learn English, particularly those from urban backgrounds. But most of the world’s population doesn’t speak English, especially in countries like Laos, which has an English proficiency rate ranked as “very low.” Since so few Laotians speak English, you’ll need Lao interpretation services to communicate with locals.

Fortunately, that’s precisely what we here at offer. Our team of Lao interpreters come from all regions of the Southeast Asian nation, covering various dialects of Lao and making it easy to access high-quality interpretation services anywhere in the country. We also have many Lao interpreters in parts of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, where millions more native Lao speakers reside. No matter why you’re looking for Lao interpretation services, we’re ready to help!

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Gaining a deeper understanding of the Lao language

An estimated 30 million people speak Lao as their first language, but most of them are outside Laos. Around half of the Laotian population speaks Lao natively, with the remainder learning the country’s official language for educational and administrative purposes. In Northeast Thailand, or Isan, Lao is the native language of roughly 23 million people, far more than the total Laotian population of just 7 million. Both hailing from the Kra–Dai language family, Lao and Thai are generally mutually intelligible.

So, is Lao easy to learn? The language exhibits almost no inflection and uses a subject-verb-object word order just like English, so it may sound easy. But in fact, this lack of grammar can actually make Lao harder. For example, verbal tense markers are often entirely omitted, forcing the listener to figure out the tense from context. Like other languages in the region, Lao also features a plethora of pronouns with varying degrees of formality, and speakers often omit pronouns entirely, opting instead to say the person’s actual name. Mistakes in this aspect of the language can be extremely rude, so hiring a professional Lao interpreter is a good idea.

We interpret Lao both on site and online—take your pick!

Some clients like to have their Lao interpreter personally by their side, helping them navigate all the challenges of a Lao-speaking world, whether they’re in business meetings, at conferences, or conducting street interviews with locals. Others like the convenience of online Lao interpretation services, available regardless of time and location. We offer both.

If you’re in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam, chances are good we have a skilled Lao interpreter near you. If you live in an international city elsewhere in the world, we may have Lao interpreters on our team there as well, allowing you to reap the benefits of in-person Lao interpretation services from abroad. But even if we don’t have someone local, we can fly an interpreter to your location (we’ll just need you to reimburse their travel expenses).

If online Lao interpretation services are more your speed, all you need to do is give us your username, link, or phone number, depending on how you’d like to conduct the communication. We’ll simply have our Lao interpreter join you remotely, from anywhere in the world, and conveniently interpret in real time through the miracle of the internet.

Our Lao interpretation services are available both simultaneously and consecutively.

It’s important that we know whether you need simultaneous Lao interpretation services or consecutive Lao interpretation services, since the two types require different skill sets. Simultaneous interpretation, as the name implies, refers to interpretation wherein the interpreter translates the content as the speaker is still talking, resulting in a delay of mere seconds. Typically, the interpreted speech will be delivered to the audience through language-specific headphones, in the case of conferences or presentations, or via a voiceover on TV, in the case of a live TV broadcast.

Consecutive interpretation services, conversely, feature an interpreter serving as an active intermediary among the multilingual parties in the conversation. They wait for each speaker to finish talking before translating the content for the other party, so this type of interpretation is well suited for active conversations between small groups of people—think small business meetings, conferences, or interviews.


The type of Lao interpretation services you should opt for depend on your specific needs. If you’re unsure which suits you better, get in touch for a consultation!

We have subject-matter experts on hand—so don’t fret over technical content.

No matter how skilled a Lao interpreter is, they simply can’t interpret for highly technical subjects they aren’t familiar with. If you’re looking for an interpreter with expertise in a niche field, such as chemistry, technology, psychology, or another field, tell us. We’ll make sure your Lao interpreter has the right expertise to provide reliable, accurate interpretation services.

With us, you can connect with Lao speakers on a deeper level. Get in touch now to tell us about your needs.

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