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Kurdish Voiceover Services


Little is more powerful than the human voice. Humans have evolved over millennia to speak languages, packing intricate and detailed information into complicated patterns of phonemes. This almost limitless method of communication allows us to share all sorts of information, stories, and messages, and while the written word has become an integral part of the 21st century, it’s no match for spoken language. That’s important for content creators to keep in mind as they look to engage the audience of their video, documentary, product demo, movie, presentation, commercial, game, or other project: voiceovers can revolutionize content.

At, we recognize the power of a great voiceover, and we’re dedicated to helping content creators bring out the best in their content. We offer professional voiceovers in dozens of languages all around the world, including lesser-served languages like Kurdish. Just select your favorite Kurdish narrator in any Kurdish dialect (Kurmanji, Sorani, or Xwarîn), and leave the rest to us. After recording your script and editing the audio files for maximum professionalism, we’ll send you your professional Kurdish voiceover, all ready to be embedded into your project!

How much do our Kurdish voiceover services cost? Find out when you request a free quote today!

Kurdish voiceovers: Giving a voice to a people without a country

Kurdish is a larger language than you may think—it’s spoken by 20 to 30 million people mostly throughout Kurdistan, although also in the vast Kurdish diaspora around the world. Kurdistan is not an independent country—rather, it’s spread out across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, with native-speaker communities also residing in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The language is split into three key dialects: Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish), Sorani (Central Kurdish), and Xwarîn (Southern Kurdish).

We’d be happy to produce a Kurdish voiceover in any of the three main dialects of the language, but we need a Kurdish-language script to work with first. You can have our team translate your script—just determine which Kurdish dialect works best for you and hand your script over to our Kurdish translators. It’s imperative to hire professionals for a Kurdish translation job, considering the grammatical difficulties the language presents, including its four cases and ergativity, where verbs agree with the object rather than the subject.

Reaping the benefits of a professional voiceover

You might be surprised to learn just how much a voiceover can improve your content. The mere presence of a voiceover can enhance your brand image, as viewers can see you invested time and money into making your content more professional. Your Kurdish-speaking audience will also be happy to listen to a professional narration in their language rather than read subtitles, which distract from the video content and hinder immersion.

Spread out across four countries and often oppressed, Kurds generally speak more than just Kurdish. Depending on the country they live in, they may also be fluent in Turkish, Arabic, or Persian. But none of these languages can reach people all across Kurdistan, and Kurds naturally prefer their native language, making a Kurdish voiceover the obvious choice to connect with a Kurdish audience. A Kurdish voiceover is your key to viewers in Bitlis, Hakkâri, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Qamishli, Kobanî, and more.

Making the most of your Kurdish voiceover

If you’re going to invest in a professional Kurdish voiceover, make sure you’re hiring a high-quality company to do the job. Some content creators opt for inexperienced amateurs because they offer cheaper rates, but the result is a subpar voiceover that simply annoys your Kurdish-speaking viewers, potentially hurting your reputation even more than if you hadn’t purchased a voiceover at all. So, quality matters in your Kurdish voiceover.

Luckily, we at know all about quality. With our skilled and experienced Kurdish voice actors, who hail from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and all across the Kurdish diaspora, we can guarantee high-quality voiceovers in Kurmanji, Sorani, and Xwarîn alike. Similarly, our audio engineers have tons of experience working with all sorts of projects, so they can help create superb voiceovers that blow your Kurdish-speaking audience away. Whether your project is corporate, academic, or creative in nature, our team can take it to the next level with a Kurdish voiceover.

Don’t wait to reap the benefits of a Kurdish voiceover—contact our team today!

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