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Making Khmer Interpretation Services Accessible On Site and Online


Start your Khmer interpretation journey easily and stress-free with our team.

It’s easy for native English speakers from majority English-speaking countries to overestimate the global rate of English proficiency. Even though it may seem that most people can speak English, only around 17% of the world population can, and in some countries, that rate is far lower. In Cambodia, for example, English proficiency is extremely low, so if you need to talk to locals in Cambodia, you generally have only two choices: learn Khmer, Cambodia’s national lingua franca, or hire one of our Khmer interpreters.

We at are passionate about bringing people from different cultures together, which is why we’re proud to offer interpretation services for the Khmer language. Most of Cambodia’s 16 million residents speak Khmer natively, with more native speakers found in surrounding regions of Thailand and Vietnam. We’ve hired experienced Khmer interpreters from all over Cambodia and the Khmer-speaking parts of Thailand and Vietnam, so if you’re looking for Khmer interpretation services, we’d love to help you.

You can start by messaging us to request a free quote for our Khmer interpretation services!

Developing an appreciation for the Khmer language

Khmer, sometimes also called Cambodian, is the native language of most people in Cambodia, with an estimated 16 million native speakers. Most Khmer speakers use the Central Khmer dialect, though Northern Khmer is used by more than one million speakers in Thailand and Southern Khmer by another million or so people in Vietnam. Khmer speakers in the Cardamom Mountains speak a unique dialect that still retains features from the historical Middle Khmer language.

Despite Khmer’s writing system resembling those used for Thai and Lao, it’s not related to Thai and Lao at all—rather, it’s related to Vietnamese. Indeed, Khmer is the second-biggest Austroasiatic language, and it’s a strongly isolating language, which means it features almost no inflection. But don’t be fooled, because that definitely doesn’t make Khmer easy to learn. Word order is rigid, and particles are key to understanding, with speakers sometimes relying on context to understand ambiguous sentences. Khmer speakers also use different registers depending on the class of the person they’re speaking to, and using the wrong register can be extremely rude.

Our Khmer interpretation services are accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

We value flexibility—that’s why we’ve worked to ensure clients can access our Khmer interpretation services from anywhere. Whether they’re delivered in person or online is up to you!

For clients located anywhere in Cambodia—as well as certain parts of Thailand, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia—it’s easy for us to render on-site Khmer interpretation services. That’s because our team members are spread out across the region, eager to help you break down the language barrier. For those of you located in areas without a Khmer-speaking presence, don’t fret—we can still help. For an extra fee, we can put one of our Khmer interpreters on a plane to you!

Of course, perhaps you’d just prefer to access our Khmer interpretation services online. All you need is a stable internet or phone connection—your location doesn’t matter! Neither does your time zone. All we need is your contact information—your username, meeting room link, phone number, etc.—and our Khmer interpreter will join your call. Then you can start talking, and our interpreter will start interpreting!

What’s better for you: simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services?

An important decision to make when you order Khmer interpretation services is whether to choose simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. But what’s the difference?

If you want interpretation services that don’t interrupt the flow of the original speech, such as in a presentation, speech, or live TV broadcast, or if you need interpretation for a large conference with many participants, simultaneous interpretation services may be more apt. The interpreter doesn’t wait for the speaker to finish—they start translating at the same time, making for smooth and fast interpretation. The cost is that it’s incredibly exhausting, and mistakes can easily slip through.

If you want interpretation services that focus on accuracy and give the interpreter more space to understand and translate the content, you may prefer consecutive interpretation services. These are ideal for conversations between small groups of people, such as small conferences, business meetings, or interviews. The interpreter always waits for the speaker to finish before they start interpreting, and if necessary, they can always request clarification from the speaker. The cost is a slower and choppier conversation that loses its natural flow.

Technical content? No problem for our Khmer interpreters!

We’ve made sure to fill our Khmer interpretation team with experts. That means not only experts in interpretation but also experts in a wide variety of disciplines and industries. So, if you need a Khmer interpreter who has specialized knowledge in a niche field, there’s a good chance we have the right person for the job on our team. Tell us what you need, and we’ll match you with the best Khmer interpreter for you.

Our Khmer interpreters are passionate about helping people in Cambodia and beyond communicate smoothly. To start your journey with Khmer interpretation services, contact us today!

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