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Japanese Dubbing Services You Can Count On


Content creators produce their works with passion—whether it’s a feature-length film, a heart-wrenching TV drama, an educational documentary, or an immersive RPG video game. The greatest reward for any creator is seeing their labor of love surge in popularity, soaking in the enjoyment their audience takes from it. Broadening your potential audience is an important way to spread your work to more viewers—but if you only release your work in English, you’re significantly reducing your potential audience.

At, we’ve put together a top-notch team of Japanese dubbing specialists to help you gain popularity in Japan. Japan is an important market in the entertainment world, with an appetite for great series, movies, and games. But most Japanese people don’t speak English—estimates suggest that only between 8% and 2% of Japanese people are fluent English speakers. So, without high-quality Japanese dubs, your creation may not make much of a splash in Japan. Our skilled Japanese dubbing team can change that.

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Your opportunity to capture the Japanese market.

Japanese is the national language of Japan, spoken as a native language by nearly everyone living in the island nation, resulting in around 128 million native speakers. Japanese is the key member of the Japonic language family, with its only relatives being the endangered Ryukyuan languages spoken in Okinawa and other nearby islands. Different dialects of Japanese exist, but Standard Japanese is used in entertainment and official addresses, and people across Japan rely on dubs in Standard Japanese to enjoy foreign movies, TV shows, games, videos, and more. Subtitles work too, but dubs are always more impactful.

Japanese is remarkably different from English, and not just because of its unique orthography that combines two native syllabic alphabets with Chinese characters. Japanese is a strict verb-final language, with the verb always coming at the end, and it’s heavily reliant on context, with subjects and objects routinely omitted if obvious through context. Honorifics play a huge role in Japanese as well—speakers use a special verb ending in polite or formal contexts and may use different vocabulary or grammatical structures depending on the level of formality. Japanese also contains countless first- and second-person pronouns whose use depends on the gender and personality of the speaker and the relationship between the interlocutors. To navigate the labyrinth of the Japanese language and enjoy top-quality Japanese dubs, you’ll need a team of professionals—like ours.

Work with some of the best dubbing experts in Japan.

What kind of Japanese dubbing project do you have in mind? Our team is composed of diverse experts leveraging their work experience for all sorts of projects, so whether you need Japanese dubs for a TV mystery drama, a complex sci-fi movie, a historical documentary, a wacky anime, or a story-rich adventure video game, we can match you with the right Japanese voice actors for you. Thriving in Japan’s booming voice acting industry, our Japanese dubbing team is eager to help you bring your project to life in Japan.

Why not get started with Japanese dubbing services today? Send us a message to set the project in motion.

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