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Italian Interpretation Services: Remote and In Person


Communicate easily with Italians with professional Italian interpretation services.

Even though Italy is a highly developed European country with a native language similar to English, only about a third of Italians can speak English. So, if you need to communicate with Italians smoothly in real time, English often won’t cut it—you’ll need Italian interpretation services.

Italian interpretation services are ideal for a number of different scenarios, including business meetings with Italian speakers, live multilingual events given to an Italian audience, or interviews with everyday Italian speakers. Whether you’re on the ground in Italy or communicating with Italians from abroad, the skilled Italian interpretation team at is eager to help you converse seamlessly with Italian speakers, no matter your content. With a diverse team of specialized interpreters from a wide range of backgrounds, we can even handle technical Italian terms from a variety of fields. 

To get an idea of our rates for Italian interpretation, reach out today and ask for a free quote.

What is Italian like as a language?

Italian is the national language of Italy (also spoken in Switzerland), chosen as the prestige language among all those in the country that developed from Vulgar Latin. Indeed, dialectical variation in Italy is extreme, with different regions speaking “dialects” so divergent that linguists classify them as separate languages, each having developed separately from Latin. Italian and its sister languages are from the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family, which means they bear many resemblances to English.

Despite the similarities to English, however, Italian is still a tricky language for English speakers. The grammatical gender is a difficult feature to master—all Italian nouns are either masculine or feminine, and the gender influences which article and adjective forms are used. Italian verbs also undergo significant conjugation for tense, aspect, and mood as well as person, number, and gender, resulting in a ton of options that would make any Italian learner’s head spin. But if you hire a professional Italian interpreter, you don’t have to learn Italian—we’ll relay all the Italian-language information to you.

We can interpret Italian for you in person or online.

There are many reasons one might require Italian interpretation services, be it for business, academic, official, or personal purposes. For example, if you’re attending a business meeting in Rome, you may require Italian interpretation to fully understand your Italian-speaking counterparts. Or perhaps you have an Italian guest speaker at your event in the US, and you need to convert the content into English for the audience. Our Italian interpretation team is here for you in both scenarios, whether you prefer on-site interpretation or remote interpretation.

If you want on-site Italian interpretation services, we’ll send an Italian interpreter to wherever you are in Italy or Switzerland (or a major global city). If we don’t have a local interpreter on staff to send, we’ll even transport a professional to your city—as long as you cover the transportation costs. In-person Italian interpretation offers certain advantages over remote interpretation—there’s a fuller range of body language, and you don’t have to worry about technological mishaps. 

Remote Italian interpretation services are also available to clients in any region and any time zone. This is the simplest option for Italian interpretation—you just add our interpreter to your call (on Zoom, on Skype, over the phone, etc.) and they’ll interpret the content of your conversation. This makes Italian interpretation services incredibly accessible, whether they’re for a small business meeting or an online one-on-one interview.

Consecutive Italian interpretation? Simultaneous Italian interpretation? Your choice.

Your particular situation may determine whether consecutive or simultaneous Italian interpretation services are better for you. Simultaneous interpretation is exactly what it sounds like—the interpreter interprets speech while the speaker is still talking. This way, the speaker doesn’t need to pause for the interpreter to relay the information in the other language. Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for large, multilingual events or conferences, where participants wear headsets for interpretation in their language. Consecutive interpretation involves the interpreter waiting until the speaker has finished their sentence and then translating the information into the other language, which works well for small meetings and conferences or interviews, especially since the interpreter can ask the speaker for clarification.

Don’t worry about technical terms—our interpreters can handle them.

We built our Italian interpretation team with flexibility in mind—so no matter what field you work or study in, we’re confident we can match you up with the right Italian interpreter for the job. Since our interpreters hail from a range of professional backgrounds and are experienced in many different industries, even if your content is esoteric, our interpreters can still smoothly translate the content between English and Italian.

We’d love to help you communicate seamlessly with Italian speakers. All you have to do is reach out with your specifications.

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