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Minneapolis, Minnesota, Professional Translation Services


Knowledge plus experience is the key to top-notch translation.

In Minneapolis, and all through Minnesota and the United States, is a valued resource, helping people from all backgrounds and professions create high-quality translations in any language and subject.
Business professionals, graduate students, and authors—from Uptown to Downtown, from the Guthrie Theater to the U.S. Bank Stadium, and everywhere in the City of Lakes—have made us their partner for their translation needs.

At, we take great pride in the real human individuals with skills and knowledge who perform our translations, all very committed to doing the best work possible. We’ve taken the human approach because we’ve seen the poor results that can occur with computer-based translation. It’s not a pretty sight. A human translation service like ours is vital for anyone looking to expand their markets or reach a broader audience with creative content. Our team brings you their precision and expertise in many subjects to translate in over 100 languages, such as
Arabic, Hindi, and Somali. And they take the due diligence needed to make sure your intended style and voice is preserved.

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How can you tell we’re the right fit for you?

With our broad range of services, we’re set to provide the best translation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and to all 50 states. Consider the following people we work with:


  • Students and educators who need articles, papers, or dissertations translated into or from English. So whether you’re on the University of Minnesota campus or at of the fine private colleges like Hamline or Augsburg, we can help with your translation needs. And whether your field is law, international relations, or something else, we make sure the translator you work with has a good working knowledge of your area of study.


  • Business professionals who need any type of material translated into or from English to another language. Up and down the Mighty Mississippi, from east to west in the Mill City, we’ve helped businesses break into international markets and raise their profits.


  • Creative writers seeking new markets for their work. If you need a collection of essays or a screenplay translated, our literary translators have the expertise needed to work with writers in many styles and genres.


  • Healthcare professionals who need the services of our medical translation team. Our partner firm in Minneapolis has the specialized skills to translate medical documents from most any healthcare field—such as Thai, Hmong, or Turkish—into or from English.    


  • Industry professionals who need legal translation from someone who understands legal terminology in the US and overseas. Because of the specialized and precise nature of the legal profession, we partner with a certified legal translation company in Minneapolis to translate numerous language pairs. Client confidentiality is protected throughout the process of producing high-quality translations in legal specialties like intellectual property, employment, and contracts.


  • Many others who need certified translation for any number of purposes. For example, marriage or divorce certificates, death certificates or other documents related to immigration often need to be translated, and we can do it with the highest level of accuracy and quality.


Take comfort in knowing that there’s a highly reliable translation service available.

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We’re not merely boasting about the quality of our services.

Creating translations takes a pretty high skill level. Our translators have those skills, plus a broad range of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects from accounting to zoology. Needless to say, we don’t just follow the industry standards—we set them.

In Minneapolis, we serve 425,000
students and researchers, content creators, business professionals, and many more, exceeding their translation needs, whether they be basic or highly complex and technical content.

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Not ready to make a decision just yet? We are confident that we can best serve your translation needs, so we offer a free sample of our work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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