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Halifax, Canada, Professional Translation Services


Quality translations from Halifax’s leading translation experts. is proud to serve Haligonians as the number one translation service on the Internet. Our services are wide-ranging, meaning that business executives, academic researchers, and fiction writers alike can all take advantage of our translation expertise. From the top of Citadel Hill to the edge of the Halifax Harbourwalk, we’re here to help people all over Halifax who need reliable high-quality translations, whether for their business, research, manuscript, or any other purpose.

If you want a translation you can trust, you can't just copy and paste your text into automated translation software. Machine translation programs are fascinating and can do a decent job of translating the essence of a text, but they can’t accurately capture the various nuances that are obvious to a human translator. That’s why we guarantee that every document you submit to us will be professionally translated, or at least carefully edited, by a reliable human translator.


We know how to produce a professional and flowing translation that engages audiences while retaining the document’s original tone and style. This way, you can expand beyond the limits of English and reach the francophones in New Brunswick or Quebec or the speakers of other languages in other countries. From Hindi, to Portuguese, to Afrikaans, we offer over 100 languages, so the possibilities for translation are endless. Whether you’re looking for certified translation, subtitling, or another type of translation, our translation professionals are sure to exceed your expectations.

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Our translation services are meant for everyone in Halifax.

We’re Halifax’s best translation company, but it doesn’t stop there—we also lead Nova Scotia as well as all of Canada. Thanks to our diverse team of translators from around the world, we know that we can accurately translate your documents, whether they’re scholarly, professional, or creative in nature.


  • Studying or working at Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, or Mount Saint Vincent University? Leave it to us to translate your research papers or journal articles into or from English. Our academic translators are experts not only in translation but also in a wide variety of fields, so they can expertly translate your difficult or technical subject matter into your language of choice. Mathematics, business, literature? Anything goes! We have the translation expert for you, regardless of field.


  • Running a business in Halifax? Whether you’re looking to have a report, white paper, or marketing materials translated, trust our business translators to do the job. We also offer specialized website translation services to make your corporate site accessible to a global audience. Whether you’re in North End, South End, Dartmouth, or elsewhere, we’re here to help businesses all around the Halifax area break into new markets.


  • Working on a book, movie script, or another creative writing project? If you want to expand your reach and gain fans outside of Canada, our literary translators are here to help. They have the skills and experience to translate all sorts of literature and creative writing, from romance to young adult fiction, memoirs, and beyond.


  • Practicing medicine in Halifax? The superb medical translation company we work with provides high-quality medical translation services to healthcare professionals in immunology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and all sorts of other sub-branches. Their vast experience ensures an accurate translation every time.


  • Practicing law in Halifax? We’ve struck up a partnership with a certified legal translation company that hires translators familiar with the specific legal terminology of Canada and the other countries of their language pair. Family law, alternative dispute resolution, shareholder agreement? English to French, Arabic to English, English to Simplified Chinese? Our partners are dedicated to accuracy and confidentiality no matter what your document or language pair.


  • Looking to immigrate to Halifax (or away from Canada)? We also provide certified translation services for birth certificates, diplomas, and all sorts of other official documents the immigration process might require. We employ a rigorous system and strict quality checks to ensure that your documents are appropriate for the governing body that needs them.


  • Running a website whose reach you’d like to expand? Our website translators have you covered. Whether your website is for your business or just for yourself, we’ll help make it accessible across the globe.

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We have a team of true translation experts.

Some of the best translators in the world have come together to form our top-notch team. They are from around the globe, chosen for not only their unparalleled language and translation skills but also their subject matter expertise, which allows us to produce accurate translations in any domain. We’ll assign the right translator to your specific job.

The more than 403,131 small business owners, students, novelists, and others in Halifax, Nova Scotia who need top-quality translation services can stop looking: we’re the go-to translation agency, whether you want to connect with French speakers within Canada or engage a clientele in Asia. No two clients’ translation needs are the same, which is why we offer a wide variety of translation services and solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

Our team can’t wait to start crossing linguistic borders with you.

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Would you like to see our work first before you place an order? No problem. If you click the button below, you can request a free translation sample, and we’ll make sure you can rest easy while waiting for your full translation because you’ll know you’re paying for true quality.

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