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English Voiceover Services


If you want your message to truly resonate with your audience, using speech is a no-brainer. Written language is relatively new to the human experience. For millennia, we evolved in concert with spoken language. So it’s no wonder it has a stronger emotional impact on us.

Adding voiceovers to your videos, games, commercials, presentations, and more can dramatically improve your overall performance. It can enhance your viewers’ engagement and enjoyment and help them better absorb the information you’re presenting. is a proud provider of high-quality English voiceover services. We take care of everything for you—from the casting process to the recording stage to the post-recording editing procedures. In other words, we offer true value for your money. If your original script isn’t in English, we can even translate it for you. And if you want voiceovers in the original language, too, we offer our services in several foreign languages.

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Speak to the world in the de facto universal language.

There’s no disputing English’s status as the dominant global language. It may not have the most native speakers—that honor goes to Mandarin—but it has the most speakers overall at a whopping 1.35 billion. English is the primary language in countries around the world—most notably the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand—and holds official status in many more, such as India, the Philippines, and Pakistan.

With English’s dominance and prestige, it’s easily the best language to order a voiceover in for most projects. If your project is geared for a worldwide audience, English is your best bet for encompassing as many people as possible. Ordering translation and voiceover services in English is a good way to spread non-English content further, and we can complete the translation for you if you haven’t done so yet. Translating into English can be tricky, depending on the language, as English has a more complicated tense system than many other languages, and the indefinite and definite articles can pose a challenge when dealing with non-Indo-European languages.

Reputation and reach—voiceovers are the way to go.

Looking for a way to boost your video’s clout or better engage viewers? The secret weapon of many creators is voiceovers. What’s striking is that not only will a voiceover suck viewers deeper into your presentation or video and help them remember your message, but it will also help them concentrate better on the pictures because they won’t be distracted by captions.

English voiceovers are the best way to engage an audience all over the world, but if you’re targeting an audience in a particular non-English country, we encourage you to consider localized voiceover service instead. French and German speakers will absorb information better in their native language, and Japanese and Arabic speakers often don’t speak English well enough to understand videos or presentations. Through it all, is here, helping you engage viewers from Toronto to Melbourne—or from New Delhi to Sao Paulo!

Our voiceover team is one of a kind.

We’ve pulled out all the stops when it comes to organizing the best possible voiceover team. We’ve sourced our professionals from around the world, selecting the best talent across the English-speaking world. We can cater to any English accent you’re looking for: American, British, Irish, Scottish, Australian, and more. Our voice actors have significant experience, guaranteeing high-quality work.

Indeed, high-quality work is imperative in the voiceover industry because a poorly made voiceover can be worse than none at all. You don’t want to annoy your viewers or snap them out of immersion. So work with professionals who have experience with business presentations, entertaining video games, and educational video content. Quality is our mission, and success for your presentation, video, or other content is the result.

Want English voiceover services? Contact us today to discuss your needs in further detail.

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