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English to Standard Swedish Translation Services

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Many people around the world speak English (although maybe fewer than you think—just 1.35 billion people among the planet’s nearly 8 billion). Given its importance on the world stage, English is learned as a second language by people in countries all over the world, and this trend is particularly strong in Sweden, where as many as 86% of the population have a solid grasp on English. But it’s important to remember that not all Swedes speak English, and even those who do are still more comfortable in their native Swedish. So, anyone looking to engage a Swedish audience should look into professional English to Swedish translation services.

If your target audience lives in (or comes from) Sweden, you’ll want to focus on English to Standard Swedish translation services. Standard Swedish is the national language of Sweden, and the vast majority of global Swedish speakers use Standard Swedish. Like in any country, dialectical variation exists from region to region, but, when written, Standard Swedish is the same all across Sweden. The other major Swedish variant is found in neighboring Finland, which hosts a Swedish-speaking minority that speaks Finland Swedish, usually but not always mutually intelligible with Standard Swedish. At, we’re proud to offer English to Standard Swedish translation services for all kinds of content—academic, corporate, literary, and beyond!

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Learn more about Standard Swedish.

Around 10 million people speak Swedish as a native language, with an additional 3.2 million learning it as a second language, mostly in Finland, where Swedish is a compulsory school subject. Swedish, as a Germanic language, is closely related to English, which partially explains the high English proficiency in Sweden. Sweden’s vocabulary is heavily Germanic, as it never sustained the heavy French influence that English did, and the grammar is like a mix of English and German. 

Swedish uses grammatical gender—kind of. There’s “common gender,” used for around 80% of nouns, and “neuter gender,” used for the remaining 20%. Demonstratives and adjectives undergo inflection according to the gender of the noun they modify. Like German, Swedish employs a V2 word order that requires the conjugated verb of a sentence to come in the second position, although any adverbs must also precede the verb in subordinate clauses. Thus, while Swedish may be one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, there are certainly still ample challenges.

What kind of documents do you need translated from English to Standard Swedish?

When you commit to purchasing English to Standard Swedish translation services, you want to make sure you’re receiving high-quality work. That’s why we put all our English to Standard Swedish translation applicants to the test—specifically, stringent translation assessments that only the most skilled of translators can pass. Our translators, who hail from all across Sweden, have proven their prowess in our tests and draw on their extensive Swedish translation experience to translate content of various media from a wide range of fields.


For example, our English to Standard Swedish academic translators work with scholars at Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Uppsala University, and other schools to translate journal articles, theses, research surveys, academic reports, and more. We’ve handpicked Swedish translators from many different fields, so they can understand even complicated technical material and provide a seamless academic translation.

For companies that want a share of the lucrative Swedish market, our English to Standard Swedish business translators are here for you! Your Swedish customers will latch onto your carefully translated Standard Swedish promotional content, from ads and press releases to engaging company blog posts. We can also translate your business plan, contracts, manuals, and other documents for internal company use. 

Any novelist, poet, filmmaker, game developer, or other creative who wants to release their work in Sweden is in luck, since we also have dedicated English to Standard Swedish literary translators, subtitlers, and localization experts on staff as well. We’ll keep your creative style and tone intact as we translate even the finest nuances of your script or manuscript into engaging Standard Swedish.

Connect with Standard Swedish speakers today—message us for more information on our English to Standard Swedish translation services.

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