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English to Tausug Translation Services


Tausug, also known as Bahasa Sūg and Sinug, has more than 1.1 million native speakers throughout the Philippines and parts of Malaysia. Many consider Tausug a lingua franca in the southern Philippines, where it’s used regularly in trade and social life. Similarly, it’s the language of the Tausūg people, who live in the Sulu archipelago of the southwest Philippines and in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Although many Tausug speakers can also speak Tagalog to varying degrees, most prefer to speak their own language. With high-quality English to Tausug translation, you can stand out to this audience.


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Tausug is a Central Philippine language, putting it in the same group as Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Bikol. This means Tausug has various features that make accurate translation difficult. For example, verbs inflect according to the focus as well as the aspect of a given action, requiring multiple sets of affixes to express the participants of a sentence and which part of the action is most important. While these features may be challenging for amateur translators, has the necessary experience to ensure your message is translated accurately and naturally into Tausug.



Materials We Translate from English to Tausug


  • General documents. Our team works with materials across several industries, including technical documents, manuals, short texts, and various other documents.


  • Business materials. We can work with a variety of business content to help your enterprise grow, assisting with the translation of product information, reviews, marketing content, and more.


  • Websites. Make your online content available to an eager audience in the southern Philippines. Our team works with information pages, retail sites, blogs, and other web material.


With English to Tausug translation services tailored to the needs of your project, we can help you reach a broader audience in Cotabato City, Jolo, Zamboanga City, or anywhere else with Tausug speakers. Our team of translators takes pride in helping our clients reach new readers.


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