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English to Montenegrin Translation Services


Many translation agencies don’t provide Montenegrin translation services, so some businesses opt to translate their materials into Serbian and call it a day, since the languages are extremely similar and mutually intelligible. However, if you want to truly reach, impress, and retain an audience in Montenegro, Serbian translation is not good enough!


Montenegrin is the national language of Montenegro and is also spoken widely in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the language is closely related to Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian, it has many unique features and characteristics.


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Montenegrin is a South Slavic language that features a complex system of word endings and words that can be formed by several prefixes and suffixes. These express a given word’s grammatical role in a sentence and can change not only the meaning of the sentence but also the nuance of the overall message. At the same time, Montenegrin is one of the only languages that regularly uses both Cyrillic and the Latin alphabet. Knowing which to use depends on the intended audience as well as the kind of material being translated. Fortunately, our team of translators can produce high-quality translations using either alphabet while always employing the appropriate terminology.


Translation Services We Offer

  • Business materials. Our team of translators manages translations for business plans and marketing reports. We also translate brochures, product information, and reviews.

  • Legal documents. Providing high-quality legal translation requires a deep familiarity with legal practices, processes, and specialized jargon. For that, we partner with a team of legal translators who can translate contracts, non-disclosure agreements, affidavits, liability waivers, and more.


For any project where you want to reach a Montenegrin-speaking audience in Podgorica, Nikšić, Belgrade, or anywhere else, we’re available for you. We provide reliable and accurate English to Montenegrin translations so that you can expand your reach in the Balkan region.


To learn more about what we can do or to receive a free quote, message us today.

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