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English to Maltese Translation Services


Despite how it may feel sometimes, not everyone in the world speaks English. In fact, most people in the world don’t, considering that the worldwide figure amounts to only around 1.35 billion. So, if you want to build a bigger audience for your business, academic findings, creative content, or message, you’ll need to look into the 7,000 or so other languages spoken in the world. You’ll also need a skilled translation team to ensure that both the information and the writing style of your content are well preserved in the translation.

Enter We’re a team of passionate translators covering languages all over the world, such as Maltese. Our English-to-Maltese translation team is staffed with experienced translators who’ve worked on a diverse range of projects—everything from academic journal articles to corporate white papers to novel manuscripts to immersive video games—and they’re eager to help you reach a new audience in Malta. Since many of our Maltese translators are familiar with additional fields, we can even navigate technical content, making us your one-stop shop for English-to-Maltese translation needs.

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Maltese: A unique blend of Arabic and Italian

Maltese is spoken in the small, insular island nation of Malta, located off the coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. The number of speakers clocks in at around 520,000, roughly the population of the country. Maltese is a remarkably unique language: it’s officially classified as a Semitic language, like Arabic and Hebrew, but the bulk of its vocabulary—more than 50%—comes from Romance languages, namely Italian and Sicilian. Another 30% or so comes from Siculo-Arabic, an extinct dialect of Arabic historically spoken in Sicily. Maltese is the only standardized Semitic language that is written solely in the Latin alphabet.

As a Semitic language, Maltese grammar and structure is largely derived from Arabic. In particular, Maltese features the quintessential Semitic characteristic of trilateral consonant roots, where verbs and nouns are comprised primarily of three consonants, which are modified with different sequences of verbs to indicate grammatical information such as tense or person. This method is also used to cross word categories, such as creating adjectives from nouns. Maltese uses Arabic-derived prefixes and suffixes with Romance verbs but not the trilateral root system. Similarly, making plural nouns can be tricky, since the approach differs depending on whether the noun comes from Arabic, Italian, or English.

We can translate just about anything into Maltese

Despite the challenges of English-to-Maltese translation, our team can handle a wide range of projects with ease. That’s because we’ve specifically chosen Maltese translators specializing in different areas of translation and had them undergo strict translation assessments to verify their skills. If you’re a scholar who wants to connect with Maltese peers, we can translate your journal article or other academic paper into Maltese. Maybe you run a business and you want to expand to Malta—let us translate your contracts, financial reports, press releases, website copy, and more into Maltese. For content creators—including authors, poets, filmmakers, game developers, bloggers, and more—we can tailor your creative content for a Maltese audience to help you grow a presence on the island. No matter what you need in terms of English-to-Maltese translation, we’re here for you.

Get started with English-to-Maltese translation today by reaching out and telling us your needs.

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